911 Calls for Eric Woods Accidental Bullet Fragment Wounds

Picture of the targets in the scenario with paper targets on the taller ones, but not on the one that reports say represented a vicious dog. Photo provided by the Sheriff's Department. Click to enlarge.

Earlier, I let you hear the 911 calls made from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department’s Hartland Township Shooting Range.

A friend of McHenry County Blog kindly transcribed them so you can read, as well as listen to them. Here they are:

Measuring the distance from the entrance to the vicious dog target. Shell casings can be seen on the ground, if you click to enlarge the image. Photo provided by the Sheriff's Department.

Eric Woods 911 Call #1

911 emergency”—  I’m at the range. We need a rescue out here.
Do you have an address?  2311 Hartland Road.
What do you need it for?
I”m sorry.
What do you need it for.
Leg injury.  Shrapnel wound
to the leg.
Ok.  We’ll get someone right out there

Woodstock Police?
It’s county.
Need a rescue to our range.  2311 Hartland Road.  Shrapnel wound to the leg.  Wound to the leg.
OK, I’ll get them going.

A view of the target area from outside. Photo supplied by the Sheriff's Department.

Eric Woods Call #2

Sheriff Radio, Schmidt.
Hey, I just want to let you know Woodstock is going out to our range.  Morrow called in 911.  They have a leg injury.  Shrapnel wound.
Miller is out there and everything, so.
Well. I just wanted to let you know .
I will call there and see what is going on.
Thank you.
Your welcome.

Diagram of the diagram of the incident provided by the Sheriff's Department. See link to article with explanation and recommendations below.

Eric Woods Call #3

Sheriff’s Radio.
Morrow, can I have the # for the injury at the a range?
Oh, sure.  You want me to us the county government address?
1123 Hartland Road.

(Background voices:  Clean it up
— the helicopter —
You want to go where you are going to get the best treatment. Yah.
Grunt of someone in pain.)

Brian, what is you ID# so I can hook you up with this?
I mean your car #.
OK, Brian.  Your report # is going to be 10270.
Hm, 10270.
Thank you.
Your welcome.

= = = = =

The original article with reports from many, but not all of those on the SWAT Team is here.

The analysis of the accident, including drawing of the event, and recommendations for improvement are here.

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