“The Post Office Is Not Going Out of Business”

That’s what the post card that Cary “Postal Patrons” received late this week said.

Post cards like this were delivered throughout Cary this week.

You see the message below. (click to enlarge):

The post office in Cary is for sale, but it isn't going out of business.

The Postal System is just trying to make “better use of our real estate holdings.”

“The post office has more space than it needs for its retail counter services in Cary,” so the current building will be sold and new facilities for post office boxes and purchasing stamps will be rented elsewhere in Cary.

As told Monday on McHenry County Blog, mail delivery staging will be moved the the Crystal Lake Post Office.

Present Cary Post Office on Three Oaks Road.

“Let me emphasize again, the Cary Post Office is NOT closing,” District Manager Robert Hart emphasizes.

Customers will notice no difference in delivery, he adds.


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