Township Meetings Tonight

Although every township will hold annual town meetings tonight, of the 17 in McHenry County, those in Grafton, Dorr and Nunda Townships are guaranteed to provide the most action.

Here's how to find the Grafton Township Annual Meeting at the Huntley High School.

In Grafton, the forces behind the Township Trustees vs. Township Supervisor Linda Moore’s supporters will face off at 7 PM at the Huntley High School.

The $3.5 milliion new township hall for which a suit forced the repayment of the loan, which Judge Michael Caldwell found had been illegally approved. Including interest, the new building on Haligus Road in Lake in the Hills, would have cost taxpayers over $5 million.

The re-elected folks (with one replacement, Gerry McMahon), who managed to borrow $3.5 million from Harris Bank to build a new township hall are back again. The total cost, with interest, would be over $5 million.

And, what all on the township board agreed to do, unwind the sale of the township hall to the township road district, minus the $66,000 commission to County Board member Marc Munaretto and other expenses, isn’t on the top of the agenda.

Building whose purchase by Grafton Township could be authorized by a vote of those attending the Annual Town Meeting on April 13th at the Huntley High School.

Instead, the Township Trustees seem to want to keep the over $600,000 that’s sitting in the bank and use it, plus other money to be designated, to buy and remodel an old Huntley factory for $2.1 million.  Newly-hired Township Administrator Pam Fender found the property.

In addition, there will be numerous opportunities to pass resolutions to ratify what Judge Michael Caldwell ruled had been done illegally.

Vote the right way and you could see your Grafton Township taxes go down. Vote the way the Township Trustees want and there’s little chance of that.

Dorr Township Hall

In Dorr Township, there are three questions to be voted upon. The earlier attempt to have them voted upon with one vote has apparently been reversed to allow the citizen-petitioners to have up or down votes on their questions as presented.

Map showing Woodstock High School, where the Dorr Township meeting will be held at 7 PM Tuesday night.

The big question is whether electors will vote for a $1 million rebate of money sitting in the bank to construct new facilities.

That meeting will start at 7 at the Woodstock High School on South Street just a couple of blocks west of city hall.

The Nunda Township Hall and Garage are noted on the map.

Nunda Township, which runs north from Crystal Lake Avenue in Crystal Lake to the southern part of McHenry, will vote on whether to put an advisory referendum on the fall ballot asking whether voters want to repeal the township’s Open Space Plan, the bonding for which lost 59% to 41% last year.

All three townships are completed controlled by officials elected on the Republican Party ticket.


Township Meetings Tonight — 9 Comments

  1. Do not think for one minute that the Grafton trustees will abide by what the taxpayers want. They have proven this before. They want to spend $5,000,000 of YOUR money, if you want to or not. Remember they already have wasted $35,000 plus benefits of your money on an unneeded person because she is on their side. As the guy from Sun City stated, he is only in this to get the building. SHOW HIM HE CAN’T HAVE IT, VOTE NO, THEN SHOW HIM THE DOOR.

  2. Oh Cadman….so sad that you don’t want to look at anything beyond “the building” and the hiring of an administrator. You miss the ridiculous behavior of the supervisor, the increase in salary of the supervisor’s assistant, the repeated police misuse because of the supervisor’s behavior, the lawsuits, the lack of any positive changes by the supervisor…

    And you always speak as though you are the voice of all the taxpayers. I know many who see it completely different then you and who want a whole lot less of Moore.

  3. District 158 keeps distracting everyone from their own issues. It’s interesting that they’re hosting the meeting at their site.

  4. Not a Grafton resident, How sad that you cannot read. If you will look above at the story by C

  5. Not a Grafton resident, How sad that you cannot read. If you will look above at the story by Cal you will see he points out the building. Do you need help with anything else besides reading?

  6. I don’t, but thanks for the offer. You might want to learn how to be respectful though. Ignorance and disrespect does not make you appear any more intelligent.

  7. Btw, the $5 million you pointed out is stated above as, “to buy and remodel an old Huntley factory for $2.1 million”. That’s a little less than $5 million.

  8. Ca-dbag, The coinstation cow pies brought all the litigation on grafton.
    Pam is very much needed because the “super” can’t do her job why did the she need a $40,000 plus benny’s asstant to dole out $20,000 a year in assistance? 3.5 mil was the cost of the new building not 5mil but you distort everything eles why not this too. The best thing is the vote tonight won’t allow anything good or bad to be worked out. Three more years for the sun city guy and the other two board members hahahaa 🙂 How are you gonna climb outta your ceptic tank and get to the meeting? Ceptic tank that giving you too much credit you okies have out houses don’t you?

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