Zane Seipler’s Thoughts on Sheriff Keith Nygren’s Selection of Andy Zinke as Undersheriff

Zane Seipler

Zane Seipler, who challenged Sheriff Keith Nygren for McHenry County Sheriff in the Republican primary election, but lost, has continued commenting on activities concerning the Sheriff’s Department on his blog McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Exposed.

Today, he has published an article entitled

Nygren finally “Did the Right Thing

I reprint it with permission below:

On February 16th, 2010 MCSDEXPOSED stated that Lt. Andy Zinke would be the best choice for Under Sheriff and that we were hoping that Nygrenwould “Do the right thing”.

Andy Zinke is now Under Sheriff.

THANK YOU, Keith for finally doing the right thing.

Now let’s explain why Zinke was the only real choice Nygren had.

1.) Zinke is not entangled in the web of lawsuits that is going to be the downfall of Sheriff Nygren.

2.) To MCSDEXPOSED knowledge Zinke has

  • never falsified evidence,
  • concealed evidence,
  • misstated facts,
  • covered up wrong doing,
  • intimidated employees,
  • manipulated witnesses,
  • used excessive force,
  • committed aggravated battery,
  • worked at a strip club while employed by the department,
  • lied under oath,
  • authored the “Diametrical Woodstock Advocate”,
  • cheated on his taxes,
  • falsified a secondary home rider,
  • left the scene of a property damage,
  • falsified an accident report for a subordinate,
  • bought shots for a female corrections officer at Coleman’s Tavern and then let her drive,
  • sexually harassed a subordinate,
  • screamed obscenities at subordinates,
  • promoted his girlfriend and given her a cushy job,
  • facilitated the accidental shooting of a SWAT team member,
  • put an innocent man on death row or
  • committed Official Misconduct of any kind.

3.) Nygren is going to have to deal with some of the other applicants very harshly in the near future. It wouldn’t look good promoting them and then demoting and/or firing them later.

It is refreshing to see that good things are happening at MCSD.

Lowery is gone.

Schlenkert is back.

Woods survived.

Now a good man will be in charge in of the daily operations.

Knowing that Zinke is at the helm, we wish Nygren would go back to Florida.


Zane Seipler’s Thoughts on Sheriff Keith Nygren’s Selection of Andy Zinke as Undersheriff — 6 Comments

  1. This has shed some light on an issue I was very concerned about, especially when Keith stated that Zinke’s “fingerprints were all over every major investigation” for the past two years. Is Zinke investigating the Woods issue? And, if, as Keith says, he never realized how much he has come to depend on Zinke, who will take Zinke’s place? I guess we’ll have to overlooked the fact that, by his own admission, Nygren is so thick he has been unable to see Zinke’s value until now. But Zane is raising some other, very interesting, side issues which I hope will come into a brighter light in the immediate future. Come on Zane, you have nothing to loose at this point, and there are two candidates running against Nygren this November. What else do you have that would interest the voters and help us to decide to remove Nygren?

  2. Mr. Roberts,
    You are now going to really find out why Zane was fired. He could not tolerate what was happening and reporting it to his superiors was fruitless. He was then a target.
    The lawsuits will start revealing themselves.

  3. Does anybody know names of all applicants for Undersheriff? Wondering if this site or Woodstock Advocate will sumbmit a Freedom of Information request?

  4. The information Zane is refering to can be obtained through FOIA requests. (Unless personnell records are being tampered with. Which has been known to happen. A LOT!) It is legal to request and receive the disciplinary records of police officers.

    What Zane forgot to mention was that Zinke has NEVER;

    -Shot off his gun while intoxicated in Addison Il.
    -had a hard time adding 1971 and 42 to determine his years of experience
    -Let a man who was later arrested for sexual assault off on DUI and weapons charges.
    -Shot off his pistol in a hotel room while attending FBI SWAT Training.
    -Told subordinates to attend a Dan Regna fundraiser because it would be good for their careers.
    -received a waiver for his basic police training requirements
    -complained about having to comply with the guidelines set by the Freedom of Information Act
    -confused “road rash” with a bulletwound
    -verbally abused a subordinate at the Huntley Police Station for a mistake that the subordinate was not responsible for committing
    -refused to apologize after verbally abusing a subordinate when ordered to by a ranking officer.
    -Attended an alcoholics anonymous (AA) meeting while driving a marked county squad car.
    -been involved with a car chase on Rt. 173 and thrown beer cans out of the car as police followed him and his friends before informing the pursuing officer who he was.
    -lied to a McHenry County judge in order to get a warrant he probably didn’t need in the first place.
    -campaigned on duty for a elected official or a candidate
    -took pictures in his taxpayer fund goverment center office with a political candidate and allowed those pictures to be published solely for campaign purposes
    -hit a pedestrian in a cross walk with his county vehicle in the Woodstock Square after enjoying lunch at a establishment that is known to serve alcohol
    -been arrested in Wisconsin for fighting in a bar
    -allowed subordinates to contribute to the deliquency of minors by providing and /or allowing their under age girlfriends to consume alcohol at Buffalo Wild Wings in Algonquin.
    -help facilitate the theft of 5000 pages of government documents from the State’s Attorney’s Office, transport said documents across county lines, secure the documents in a safety deposit box and then mysteriously lose the documents when State Police started asking questions.

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