McHenry County Unveils Property Information System

Read about it yourself in this press release from county government.  There is much, much more than tax information for individual properties.

McHenry County Announces New Public Property Search Viewer

The map of flood plains in McHenry County. This can be drilled down to anyone's neighborhood.

WOODSTOCK, IL – The McHenry County GIS Department is pleased to announce the new version of its public property search viewer interactive map, “Athena”. Search capabilities include property boundaries information by a parcel number, address, or subdivision.

Wetlands are show on this map. (Click to enlarge or go to the source on the county web site.)

Individuals will also have the ability to research comparable property for purposes related to property tax information.  Other search information includes flood zone areas, topography, wetlands, and aerials.

McHenry County was the first in Illinois, I believe the first in the nation, to map its soils. Now you can see them online.

“Athena was developed as an information tool by taking multiple systems and combining them into one geographical interphase. This new search viewer will be a new useful tool to property owners, real estate agencies, title searchers, County departments for analysis purposes, and individuals looking to relocate to McHenry County,” stated McHenry County GIS Director Nicole Gattuso.

Want to know how high your property is above sea level? You can find that information on the topography map.

To view the interactive map, please visit

Our home in Lakewood is 900 feet above sea level. We are a couple of feet above Lake Avenue. Crystal Lake, the southermost glacial lake in Illinois , seems to be about 8 feet lower

For more information, please contact the McHenry County GIS Department at or 815/334-4496.

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