State’s Attorney Announced Success in Child Support Collection

Read the press release about how a local business was fined $100 a day:


McHenry County State's Attorney hands $5,000 check for delinquent child support payments to mother which non-custodial parent's employer did not send in a time manner. Flanking the two on the left and right, respectively, are Assistant State's Attorneys Amy Bates and Christina Webb.

McHenry County State’s Attorney Louis A. Bianchi is pleased to announce the collection of $5,000 in a settlement with a local business, on behalf of a child and her custodial parent, for not providing timely child support payments.

The Illinois Legislature and the Illinois Supreme Court have clearly determined that the law in Illinois is that employers who have been properly served with an Income Withholding Court Order and still fail to pay over income to the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) in a timely manner – can be penalized.

Illinois law requires employers to promptly process an order or notice to withhold income and a penalty of $100.00 per day may be collected against employers for noncompliance.

Today, Louis A. Bianchi presented a local mother with the check for $5,000 from the employer (of the non-custodial parent) as its penalty for not having made timely payments to the SDU.

Our office strives to enforce timely child support payments and recognizes that custodial parents and their children rely on swift enforcement and that financial hardship may result from delays in the collection of such payments.

In this case, there were instances when the employer waited 30 to 45 days to forward the child support monies to the SDU. This matter was pursued by Assistant State’s Attorney Amy Bates.

Note: At this time, child support in McHenry County is enforced by the State’s Attorney’s Office and by the Attorney General’s Office in Rockford (for the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Service – IDHFS).

If you are experiencing challenges in the collection of child support, please contact either office to determine which office should assist you – or stop by the State’s Attorney’s Office for a brochure explaining same.


State’s Attorney Announced Success in Child Support Collection — 3 Comments

  1. Just ask the average custodial parent how much assistance they get from the SA Office on the collection of child support. Your lucky if you actually get the brochure, unless of course there is a potential press release in it for Lou Bianchi. What a joke.

  2. I agree with the last comment. My sister was shorted over 100,000 dollars by her exhusband. She hired her own lawyer who fought the case and brought it up for repeal for no charge. The State said it was not enough money to pursue for the state. Who thinks 100,000 dollars is not enough money, it’s insane! This whole child support system is built to protect non-custodial parents. If you need any enforcement of the laws of child support you have to hire a lawyer with a large retainer. The big joke is that the custodial parent is usually broke by the time they are asking for help and cannot afford a lawyer and by the time you can afford a lawyer they tell you too late too bad. It really pisses me off that people think it is just fine for a parent to walk away from their kid and then wonder why soo many kids are on drugs or generally messed up.

  3. I completely agree that the system is made to help non-custodial parents.

    Tell me why my child’s father has a job and has had one for the past 6 months yet has not paid ANY child support.

    I tried to call all the numbers possible to figure out why he hasn’t been penalized or what they are doing about it and every line is busy or they discconnect me after a few minutes and i never get replys for my emails.

    Its ridiculous!!!

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