Grafton Township “To the Back of the Room” Photographers Motion

Here is the video that David Moore took of Grafton Township Trustee Betty Zirk making a motion to require all photographs, video recordings and tape recordings to be taken from the back of the room. It is Section 14 of the recordings of the April 8, 2010, meeting of the Grafton Township Board. From left to right, the trustees are Barbara Murphy, Betty Zirk and Gerry McMahon.

Betty Zirk makes the motion for what she calls “reasonable rules.” Photo is from David Moore's video.

Trustee Barb Murphy points to the back of the room where the Township Trustees' $250 a meeting videographer is recording the meeting. Photo is from David Moore's video taken from the front row of seats.

Gerry McMahon makes sure the public record includes his intention that Township Supervisor Linda Moore's husband, who took the video above, is included in the motion that all taking pictures of the meeting must be at least in the back row of chairs.

The article with my complaint and the initial reply from the Illinois Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor’s Office can be found here. You may remember that the McHenry County Board considered a similar plan to banish photographers to the back of the county board room.  After pressure from the Northwest Herald, the board members changed their minds. And, here’s an ironic twist. The Northwest Herald lawyer who sued my on my birthday last summer defended my actions in taking photos. My guess is that, having sued me, the Northwest Herald won’t get involved this time around. They have no corporate stake in the matter. I’ve never seen a NW Herald photographer at one of Grafton Township’s regular or special township board meetings. Usually, there’s not even a reporter.


Grafton Township “To the Back of the Room” Photographers Motion — 9 Comments

  1. Cal – If you were not so obtrusive with your camera, I bet that there would be no “regulations” as to what photographers can do. I do find your movements to be distracting during meetings. A couple of meetings ago you were practically on top of me in your quest to get the shot (I almost asked you if you wanted to sit on my lap). Please realize that you are not taking photos for The National Geographic. Photos from the back of the room are fine for your blog.

  2. On an earlier blog you show a pic of zirk from the front row then from the back with no dif in picture quality. This is a giant non issue. when there is no news I guess you feel a need to make it?

  3. Big picture folks – this includes Grafton Trustees sending all of those with any recording devices to the back of the room.

    It’s a power struggle – just like everything else in Grafton.

    aka “I don’t like it, banish them to the outer regions!”

    Sorry Trustees, you asked for the attention. Deal with it.

    What the heck are you gonna’ do if the local news or national news decides to come knocking on your meeting room door? Now that’s a fascinating circus!

  4. The guy from Sun City is not concerned about anyone taking pictures, just David Moore. Any chance there are pictures of the missing minutes from the previous administration?A

  5. The guy from Sun City is not concerned about anyone taking pictures, just David Moore. Any chance there are pictures of the missing minutes from the previous administration? All except the guy from Sun City were previous trustees, no wonder that do not want the minutes found. And the plot thickens.

  6. All it is, is grandstanding by the Trustees becasue they can’t spend the millions of taxpayers money now that the issue has gone to court. Their little cue is slowed down now and they are bitter. So they take it out on the people that show up at the meetings because they can’t talk behind someones back. Sounds like a old Sunday social like when I was a kid and the old people would talk about those they didn’t like. I still think the Ilinois Bar Association needs to look into their lawyers ethics and review her behavior in this matter.

  7. Why would any of give a poop if the photogs have sit in back. It’s just common courtesy. Guess that courtesy eludes you knuckle heads.
    Cal dosn’t even belong to Grafton why dosn’t he go make a jerk of himself in his township and stop causing trouble in mine?

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