Young Republicans Take “Stop the iTAX” Campaign to Facebook

Governor Pat Quinn started the fight to tax iPod downloads and now the McHenry and Chicago Young Republicans are preparing for battle.

They have set up a Facebook page..Maybe it will take off before Quinn figures out he has made a really disastrous move politically.

Here is what has been posted on Facebook:

Stop the iTax!

Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn thinks you should pay a 6.25% sales tax on songs and movies you download. Instead of seeking to cut state expenses, Quinn’s administration is determined to force you to pay more taxes and fees to help bail out Illinois from a $13 billion deficit that is growing by the day.

This tax targets everyo…ne with a computer or portable media device such as an iPod or iPhone.

It specifically targets young people, who use these devices for entertainment.

Gov. Quinn thinks he can stick young people with the bill for a state deficit he has made worse since taking over for Gov. Blagojevich.

Under Quinn’s proposed download tax, $9.99 albums would carry a 62-cent tax while $14.99 movies would have 94 cents in sales taxes tacked on.

If you download two movies a month over the course of one year, you would pay $22.56 in tax on top of the money you spent for purchasing the movie.

To put it even more simply, if you download 100 of you favorite songs from the iTunes store for 99 cents each, you would be forced to pay $6.19 in sales tax to the state of Illinois. Each song would now cost you $1.05. That 6 cents adds up fast if you download on a regular basis.

Quinn also wants to increase our state income tax.

So if you make $30,000 a year the state will take $1,200 under Gov. Quinn’s proposal. That is $300 more than what you currently pay.

So between jacking up the income tax and adding on more sales taxes, young people who don’t make very much to begin with, will have even less to show for their hard work.

And Gov. Quinn has no plans to increase grants for college students. He may not even leave in place the grants that currently exist.

Placing the state’s budget burden on young people as they try to finish college and begin their careers, strapped with their own student loans and personal debts is wrong.

Let’s send a message to Governor Quinn:

Young Illinoisans are not stupid and we can’t afford to give you a bail out.

Help the Young Republicans stand up for our generation! Please consider making a contribution of $100, $50 or $25 to the YR’s today. Your support will help us continue building a vibrant Republican organization in Chicago and McHenry to help Sen. Brady take back the Governor’s office in November!


Young Republicans Take “Stop the iTAX” Campaign to Facebook — 3 Comments

  1. Can’t believe it took ’em this long to pick this story up… Seems like a natural fit.

  2. This is interesting. I am 62 years old and when I was young I bought records and went to movies for which I did pay a tax on the records and I am sure the movies.
    Now with computers, we do not have to go to the store saving us time and gas because we can download them in the comfort of our home and pay with credit cards instead of cash (when I was young) and not pay tax. With the advent of the computer we are now buying articles made in China, from out of state with out tax being charged, again from the comfort in front of our computers and probably delivered by UPS by next day air free of charge.
    So all of this new technology is shorting the states on what they would have collected in taxes in the past, not to mention that most of our goods are produced overseas. All of this in an effort, for us the consumer, to get the cheapest price. I admit I am one of the ones looking for the best price, heck I don’t even buy from iTunes when I can get shareware for free.
    I really liked the part in the article about “placing the states burden on young people”. To that I ask “do you have a corner on the market and think it is only you that are going to get the state out of this financial mess?” You belly ache that your free college grant will be taken away. Do you want to see the increase my capital gains taxes are being hit with to pay for your free grant?
    “So between jacking up the income tax and adding on more sales taxes, young people who don’t make very much to begin with, will have even less to show for their hard work”. I worked hard too. What if you were to do without the movies and records, then you would not have to pay the extra tax?
    We all have a beef with our government, once they get the money they still want more. Entitlement for others not wanting to work hard because I, we, did, rubbish. Bottom line, I feel, is that we need a total overhaul of our government. It is out of control and too big. I witness the egos and corruption at the local level, I can only imagine what it is really like on the national scale. Elect all new people, make our politicians get the same benefits we the working class get, give term limits to all politicians. Make the government smaller and lets get back to the basics our constitution was written about.

  3. Oh the horror, you might actually have to pay taxes in order to get the things from the government that you need. You want prisons, you want guards you want roads that won’t destroy your car if you try to drive on them. Well newsflash kiddies, that requires money.

    I know Rush Limbaugh tells you that its all the fault of the big greedy state employees who have the nerve to try to make enough money to feed their families without even once thinking about how billionaires will survive only making low eight figures in stock options, but GROW UP.

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