Gabriel to Blow Horn Louder

Representatives of Woman's Choice Services, based in Lombard, and the Tri-County Pregnancy and Parenting Center met in Crystal Lake to discuss how they could coordinate their services. Around the table, from left to right, are Joe Edwards, head of Tri-County's board, Jeff and Barb (Project Gabriel) Ladd, Sue Stroka from Woman's Choice, Tri-County's Julie Selof, Debbie Barnes and Father Timothy Barr from St. Thomas and Bobbie Zamminer from Tri-County. The group had just been told how I dislike posed photos.

Project Gabriel, an outreach arm of Woman’s Choice Services of Lombard is working in conjunction with St. Thomas the Apostle in Crystal Lake to open its first chapter in McHenry County.

Woman’s Choice Services is an “Life Affirming Organization” that provides Crisis Intervention, Pregnancy Support and Post Abortive Care.

“We are a life center,” explained Sue Storka, one of the leaders from the DuPage County area.

It a place where girls and women who become pregnant would be encouraged to carry their babies to term.

“If a girl needs any type of support, they would be assigned to a church where trained member ‘angels’ will see to her needs until the baby is a year old,” Storka continued.

Little Christopher's House behind St. Thomas School.

Through their outreach program. called Project Gabriel, they have created teams of “angels” that reach out to women in crisis.

Locally, led by Barb Ladd, the organization will initially operate out of the Little Christoper’s House behind the old St. Thomas Catholic Church.

The group of ladies describe their program as “a life affirming center,” providing pregnancy tests and much more.

Presently there are outreach locations in Lombard, Downers Grove, Hinsdale and Crest Hill. One is qualified as a licensed medical center with an ultrasound machine so a girl can be shown her developing baby.

With the Little Christopher’s location, McHenry County will have an outreach office helping to coordinate with local centers like Tri-County.

The Tri-County Pregnancy and Parenting Center is located behind the Route 14 McDonald's.

Since the goals of the Tri-County Pregnancy and Parenting Center behind the Route 14 McDonald’s and Women’s Choice are so similar, Wednesday morning a group met there to discuss possible cooperation.

The St Thomas Project Gabriel team, in an effort to source anticipated services for their clients, recently met with Tri County representatives.

It is anticipated that through collaboration clients will be referred back and forth based on need.

I was intrigued by the referral of girls to local churches to whom they might have a connection to teams of “angels” who provide “a loving relationship.”

Right now in McHenry county, that means Catholic parishes, but the two-hour “angel” training program may be opened to members of other churches as women at all churches obviously have the background to provide the “mothering” assistance which the program offers.

Agreement was reached to cooperate in being the “arms and feet of the body of Christ.”

The groundwork has been set for a united partnership for Life among Christians working together in Christ’s name for His purpose.


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  1. I’m so very grateful that God has brought Catholics and Protestants together in His work of saving pre-born babies lives. I’ve enjoyed working with many Catholics through the ProLife Action League and 40 Days for Life, and I’m SO EXCITED to hear this news.

    Isn’t God great! I was devastated that so many people who call themselves Bible believing Protestants and Catholics voted to elect the most pro-abortion president in history. AND President Obama has not disappointed his “pro-choice” supporters, especially in his bail-out increase of funding to abortion centers around the nation in the humongous Health Care Reform Act.

    But, in the midst of these circumstances, when the natural tendency of most pro-life people would be to despair, God has awakened believers! Now a majority of Americans declare themselves PRO-LIFE, and they’re willing to stand for what they believe in!

    It’s not through the Government, anyway, that our LORD wants to work, it’s through His children, the ones called by His name, whom he wants to humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways. It is through them that He will hear from Heaven and heal our land.

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