Quinn Drops iTAX for iPOD Downloads

The latest example is his proposing to tax downloads to iPODs, which the Chicago Tribune labeled as an iTAX.

Governor Pat Quinn doesn’t think things through well enough, as evidenced by his visualization as a serving of jello by the Chicago Tribune editorial cartoonist.

That’s because he floats an idea and often almost immediately backs off from it.

The McHenry County and Chicago Young Republicans immediately went on the attack and within 12 hours of the paper’s suburban delivery had created a Facebook page to fight the idea.

Time to declare victory in a fight that could have alienated young folks as young as junior high against those tax-everything-you-can-imagine Democrats.

The credit for implementing the idea goes to McHenry County YR Chairman Bryan Javor.


Quinn Drops iTAX for iPOD Downloads — 1 Comment

  1. WOW, I thought this was part of the group down in Springfield on April 21st shouting MORE TAXES…. This certainly is a way of footing a portion of the bill for school funding. You can’t live off of mom and pop forever….

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