Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 5

In the next section of Grafton Township Attorney Ancel Glink’s bill we get to the juicy parts.

This part, totaling just over $18,000 is entitled, “Linda Moore v. Grafton Township.” This concerns the Township Trustees’ reaction to Supervisor Moore’s Separation of Powers lawsuit.

This is the bill for the day Linda Moore filed her suit against the Township Trustees, plus the day and a half later. Click to enlarge.

The counter move to the Trustees having stripped Moore of most of her duties and office was filed Wednesday, March 10, 2010, and not surprisingly, the first work done by Ancel Glink appears that day—12 and three quarters hours worth.

Five lawyers were involved:

  • Daniel J. Bolin
  • Robert K. Bush
  • Jeffrey R. Jurgens
  • Keri-Lyn Krafthefer
  • Scott A. Puma

Linda Moore had single practitioner John Nelson prepare her suit.

So, what did Ancel Glink do the first day?

The words “review” and “research” appear a lot. One of the cases reviewed involved Worth Township, which I believe is the one that says the Supervisor hires all employees, if there are less than five. There are less than five in Grafton Township under the Town Fund. Jurgens is researching the powers of township trustees and “retention powers of board.”

Krafthefer advises “clients of victory.” The judge did not issue a Temporary Restraining Order as Moore requested. She also begins preparing a response and counterclaim.

Thursday, March 11th saw Associate Jason T. Olsen added to the team. He worked on creating the “Pleadings section of file regarding search,” plus reviewed the TRO filing.

More research took place regarding case law about the “day-o-day management of township employees.” Two hours by Partner Rob Bush.

Meanwhile, Krafthefer was working on “research regarding forensic computer technology company to recreate missing Township records” and drafting a response to Moore’s suit, plus preparing “correspondence to (Township Administrator Pam) Fender regarding items needed for lawsuit.”

“Only” 5.75 hours billed Thursday.

Friday, March 12th billing entries on page 1 of the Moore lawsuit shows 8.5 hours. (4.5 more show up on page 2 of this section of Ancel Glink’s invoice.)

Thomas G. DiCianni, a litigator with the firm, spent an half an hour reviewing the paperwork.

Jurgens continued researching “disputes between trustees and supervisor.
Krafthefer was researching, too, and talking with Township Trustee Betty Zirk, Fender and Moore’s attorney. 4.75 hours getting ready for court.

She spent another hour and a quarter preparing an “opinion requested by Supervisor regarding Trustee’s ability to direct employees to assist with their statutory functions.”


Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 5 — 6 Comments

  1. Moore’s actions in office have been reprehensible. I hope the current attorney, Keri-Lyn Krafthefer, who was hired by Linda Moore, is successful in putting Linda Moore behind bars. Maybe Linda will get to share a cell with Patty, Blago’s wife. On second thought I would feel bad for Patty if that happened.

  2. Moore has fired Keri-Lynn Krafthefer two times. The criminal investigation is a ploy to charge taxpayers huge lawyer fees. Maybe you are Krafthefer herself blogging anonymously.

  3. These Attorney’s are hired to protect the Government, at our expense. My question is, should they match funds, for an Attorney for the PEOPLE. After all it is our money??? Maybe then, the elected officials will show due diligence, to protect the Taxpayer.

    We have seen all to often, that Attorney’s work within the Grey area of the law, rather than right or wrong.

    I hope this can be an example of Government at work across the nation. Maybe then we can once again, teach our children and grandchildren, right from wrong.

  4. “It is not a Village that raises a child, but a Village that sets an example for a child.”

  5. Pamela,

    Then I am glad I don’t live in Grafton for one more reason.

    Linda Moore is the last person I want to set an example for my child.

  6. “Not a…” you get upset when any one questions PF….on any level.

    If your child is listening to you,she probably has a good idea, no matter which township you live in….what you have problems with. Including Ms. Moore. … Sooooooooooooooooo………. what does NOT LIVING IN GRAFTON have to do with anything you said???? So you don’t live in Grafton…how does your child get shielded from the media coming from Grafton???? Physical boundries????? Parental constraint?????? You could live here in Grafton and keep your children safe from any example you witness in the township government…… if that is what you would want to do.
    Perhaps exposing rather than shielding provides the most benefit to our children. These are opportunities for all of us to share with our kids the American experience………………..

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