8th District Watch – Walsh Financial Disclosure Lapse Criticized on Fox

Joe Walsh on Fox Chicago News Monday night.

So, what shows up on Fox TV News today?

A long story about 8th Congressional District Republican candidate Joe Walsh’s failure to file the financial disclosure form with the Federal Elections Commission showed up on Fox News Chicago tonight.

This comes on the heels of the Daily Herald’s revelation that Walsh had let his condo go back to the bank when he couldn’t make the payments.

Two precinct captains from Schaumburg Township, Joe Folisi and Mark Cramer, who did not support Joe Walsh in the primary ask for him to step down and allow someone else to run against incumbent Democrat Melissa Bean.

The station finds two Schaumburg Township precinct captains (they’re appointed and play the role precinct committeemen play in all counties, but Cook) who call for Walsh to step down and allow someone else to face off against Congresswoman Melissa Bean.

Thanks to Illinois Review for alerting me to the story.

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Walsh’s name came up on another Fox story Monday night as well. It was entitled,

Beyond the Rallies: The Tea Party Movement Looks to the Future

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