Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 6

Yesterday, we presented the bill for the first two days of the Linda Moore v. Grafton Township Trustees suit that was filed on March 10th.

Lots of action on the part of Ancel Glink to defend the Trustees who did their best to replace Supervisor Linda Moore.

We got halfway through the March 12th bills when we reached the end of the page.  So, onto page 3.

Today we finish revealing what was done on the rest of the March 12th and work through to March 19th.

Ancel Glink bill for Linda Moore v. Grafton Township from March 12-19. Click to enlarge.

March 12th, Keri-Lyn Krafthefer conferred with the McHenry County State’s Attorney and the Huntley Police Chief. With the billing being for a half an hour and the firm charging in fifteen minute increments, it looks like two phone calls. Another quarter hour was billed for reviewing “correspondence from State’s Attorney regarding next steps of criminal investigation.”

Associate James Olsen continued researching “background materials for court” for three hours, billed at $105 an hour.

Krafthefer continued to work with Township Administrator Pam Fender regarding the Annual Town Meeting, in this case the notice. What that has to do with the lawsuit is beyond me.

That finished up the third day after the case was filed.

Saturday, March 13th, Krafthefer was working hard. She billed 4 and three-quarters hours continuing drafting the counterclaim, a motion for a preliminary injunction and finalizing court pleadings.

The firm took the Sabbath off.

Monday, March 14th, Thomas DiCianni, the attorney who did the talking in court the next day, reviewed the resolutions regarding the supervisor and the material for the upcoming hearing.

Grafton Township Hall, the touring of which taxpayers were billed $370.

Tuesday, March 15th, Stewart H. Diamond, another $185 per hour guy, wrote a memo of “suggestions for litigation response.”

Three and half hours for court for DiCianni. Next, an hour to tour the Grafton Township offices “for background information.”

Then, a two hour meeting with Huntley Police.

Six and a half hours at $185 per hour.

Jeff Jurgens spent an hour and a half finishing a memo on “litigation issues.”

Krafthefer was busy for five hours

  • Keri-Lyn Krafthefer

    touring the township hall, presumably with fellow Ancel Glink named partner DiCianni,

  • meeting “with investigators from Huntley Police Department,
  • researching and working “on amended counterclaim,” plus
  • preparing “correspondence regarding additional items requested by police department for investigation.”

Tuesday, March 16th, was a big billing day for Ancel Glink, too.

Krafthefer spend a quarter hour reviewing “information regarding criminal investigation” and forwarding it to an investigator. No indication of whether it was to the Huntley Police Department or the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Associate Olsen worked seven hours researching “necessary background materials” and reviewing “documents from same.”

Krafthefer also reviewed correspondence from the highway department “with employees.”

Wednesday, March 17th, was a light day at the office, just two and a half hours billed.

Krafthefer prepared correspondence to the Township Trustees regarding the status of the counterclaim and the motion for a Temporary Restraining Order against Moore, as well as correspondence to Detective Kevin Keane, who it turns out is with the Huntley Police Department, with the information he requested.

Olsen spent an hour scanning and organizing documents from the McHenry County Clerk’s Office.

March 18th, a Thursday, was also an inexpensive day for Grafton Township taxpayers, just a hour and a half billed.

Krafthefer “exchanged(d) correspondence regarding criminal investigation,” gathered information requested by Detective Keane and prepared correspondence to him, as well as researched case law regarding employees.

Friday, March 19th, Krafthefer worked on “discovery matters and list for rider,” whatever the later is.

More on March 19th billings tomorrow.


Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 6 — 13 Comments

  1. Please post the township bills from ATT. I hear Linda’s diddling with the phones will cost us over ten thousand dollars. You go girl!

  2. CH Kay (Attorney Krafthefer) It was the trustees who decided to throw the Supervisor out of her office and add two new phone lines. Krafthefer probably told them that was the best way to get the litigation started. Look at the big picture. Who benefits from all of this no matter the outcome? Ancel-Glink at the cost of the tax payers, to the tune of $300,000 per year. Do the math.

  3. Throw her out of her office?

    Let me guess…into the “closet” that is bigger then most people’s cubicles or offices…or any bedroom in my house for that matter….

    Guess that’s grounds for moving operations to Linda Moore’s personal residence…but wait, not all of the office staff got to move there…so pay for 2 offices now, that’s much more efficient and cost effective.

    While I think almost everyone agrees that the legal costs are far too high for the taxpayers, I think taxpayers disagree with the party who has caused these expenses.

  4. March 17th was St. Patrick’s Day, any possibility they were sharing some ale on the backs of previous billings to the Grafton tax payes. Not, I don’t think there’s any disagreement on where the problems are in Grafton, not if the township meeting was an indicator.

  5. “Throw her out of her office”??????????? Since Moore was not doing her job, the trustees made the decision to move Moore to another office in the same building where she could administer GA/EA. Does moving to another room justify Moore running up an estimated $10,000.00 phone bill from ATT? Does moving to another room justify stealing two hard drives? Please state’s attorney, issue and serve your inditement of Linda Moore. Arrest her and remove her from office.

  6. C.H. Krafthefer, I’d rather see Bianchi drill down on Boss Hogg Nygren than mediate children in the sandbox.

  7. Disconnecting and moving township phone and DSL lines. “Removing” two township owned hard drives. “Deleting” hard drives on township owned computers. This is costing us a fortune to put back in place at the township office. This would not fly in the private sector. Jeff, Paul, etc. – Are these actions acceptable to you?

  8. The same fortune that is being paid to Ancel, Glink, Krafthefer? If not one, then not the other. In other words, if the trustees let Moore do her job, you don’t incur the legal bills. If you don’t fight in the sandbox, Moore isn’t compelled to do what she did. If Moore is then a clueless boob, then you take action. But she had the trustees working against her from the start and in the eyes of many never had a fair chance to start. C.H. Krafthefer, is that acceptable to YOU? Oy, I’m not in even in Grafton Twp., but this is an embarassment to McHenry County citizens and misuse of office and taxes by the trustees. Never a discussion from C.H., just the same tired old attack routine. It’s not going to work for Alexi Reczko Giannoulias and it won’t work for C.H. Ancel,Hansel, Gretel, Grinch, Kraftheifer.

  9. CK you must realize that from my perspective I can’t see the emergency of your plaint. Perhaps it is because I am not an insider with the Trustees….but then again maybe you are? I guess we don’t have the inside vantage point you enjoy CK. Too bad you can’t grasp the vantage point of the majority of the township voters. Signal rang loud and clear at the annual meeting……………..

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