Reader Suggests “Attorney for the PEOPLE”

Keri-Lyn Krafthefer and Rob Bush, two Ancel Glink attorneys who attended the Annual Meeting of Grafton Township. $8,325 was billed by their Ancel Glink firm for work on the April 13th Annual Meeting in March. The bill has not yet arrived for April.

After looking at a couple of the articles on McHenry County Blog about the multi-ten thousand dollar March legal bill from Ancel Glink, one reader came up with the following idea:

“These Attorney’s are hired to protect the Government, at our expense. My question is, should they match funds, for an Attorney for the PEOPLE. After all it is our money??? Maybe then, the elected officials will show due diligence, to protect the Taxpayer.

“We have seen all to often, that Attorney’s work within the Grey area of the law, rather than right or wrong.

“I hope this can be an example of Government at work across the nation. Maybe then we can once again, teach our children and grandchildren, right from wrong.”


Reader Suggests “Attorney for the PEOPLE” — 3 Comments

  1. I would think that this would fit the role of the Ombudsman in some settings — universities for example. Or, an Inspector General function in many government agencies. Of course, to suggest that this is necessary in a Township Government is absolutely, totally ridiculous.

  2. I guess we have to start somewhere. Government next door is the best we can do to start the process, then we move up a notch, County . . . you know the rest. If the Taxpayers say enough is enough from from School Districts and hold them accountable, we can make a dent in the Taxpayer Fraud.

  3. The PEOPLE are the government. The government isn’t some foreign enemy- it is us. It’s amazing that that people don’t understand this.

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