Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 8

Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore stands with arms crossed looking at Township Trustees the night of December 12, 2009, one of the nights the Trustees censured her.

It was the 30th day of the month of March where we left off looking at the Ancel Glink bill for defending the four Grafton Township Trustees in Linda Moore’s Separation of Powers suit against them and Township Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer.

Page 4 of what Grafton Township law firm Ancel Glink calls its "Linda Moore v. Grafton Township" section of it March invoice. Click to enlarge.

Litigation Partner Thomas DiCianni adds to his 3¾ hours on the previous page for court time and a phone call with Township Administrator Pam Fender “regarding access to desk.”

On this fourth page of the $18,500.75 invoice to defend the Trustees and his partner Krafthefer, DiCianni bills for

  • a quarter hour for “telephone conference with Pam Fender regarding Township phone lines,”
  • a half hour for a “telephone conference regarding Moore’s efforts to undo order,”
  • a quarter hour to “review Motion to Continue Depositions; Motion to Reconsider,”
  • a quarter hour to “research cases regarding powers of Township Board,” and
  • a quarter hour to “research case issues and correspond on same.”

Partner Krafthefer, not billing for two hours while in court, did bill for

    Keri-Lyn Krafthefer

  • a quarter hour to “prepare correspondence to police department and state’s attorney regarding server,”
  • a quarter hour to “confer with witnesses prior to court hearing,”
  • an hour for “numerous phone calls advising clients regarding implementation of court order; prepare correspondence to AT&T regarding DSL line,”
  • a quarter hour to “confer with Forensicon regarding states of forensic evaluation of server,”
  • an hour “confer(ing) with Trustees LaPorta and McMahon to update on court proceedings this morning” (McMahon attended the hearing, along with Trustee Betty Zirk and Township Administrator Pam Fender.),
  • a quarter hour in “preparation of revised document received for Plaintiff’s (Moore’s) deposition notice,
  • a half an hour “review(ing) materials regarding senior bus service and waiver; prepare correspondence to State’s Attorney,”
  • a quarter of an hour “communicat(ing) with AT&T regarding phone service,”
  • two and a quarter hours “outlin(ing) issues for amended counterclaim; begin drafting chronology of events,” and
  • a final quarter hour “review(ing) general provisions for general assistance law.”

105.75 hours for the firm of Ancel Glink, totaling $18,193.75 in legal fees.

In addition there is shown $306.98 is in photocopying bills and a fee to subpoena Supervisor Linda Moore’s husband David for a deposition.

The final page of the Linda Moore v. Grafton Township invoice for March, 2010.

The last page of the four-page bill contains the $18,500.75 total.


Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 8 — 2 Comments

  1. Moore is really costing the taxpayer big money!!! No smile on the supers face in that picture do you tickle her or something to get those big shifty grins?

  2. Someone needs to convince me that the Trustees know what they are doing.

    Having a lawyer on what seems to be speed dial and having the lawyer accessible by all Trustees and an employee doesn’t make sense to me.

    Having a lawyer at every meeting at $185. an hour also makes no sense to me, neither does having the lawyer prepare the agenda. 3 of the Trustees have been around for a while and THEY can’t figure out how to do an agenda? They also seem to have just stumbled across the fact that the Open Meetings Act (OMA)and FOIA actually apply to them and the Township. They also seem to have just discovered the Township Code.

    It’s not like these legal words were hidden under a rock on the lost island of Atlantis.

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