20-Year Old Male Health Bridge Swim Instructor from McHenry Arrested

Rock J. Burman

The Crystal Lake Police Department has sent the following press release about the arrest of a Centegra Health Bridge employee who worked in Crystal Lake:

Pursuant to an allegation of inappropriate contact with a juvenile, the Crystal Lake Police initiated an   investigation regarding Rock Jamison Burman a 20 year old male from McHenry, IL.

The investigation was conducted with the cooperation of the Health Bridge Fitness Center in Crystal Lake where the Burman subject was employed as a swimming instructor.

The subsequent investigation revealed that during the course of his employment the Burman subject had inappropriate contact with two juveniles who were participating in the program at the Health Bridge facility in Crystal Lake.

Both incidents involved male juveniles and occurred on or about March 2nd and 10th, with the matter being reported to the police thereafter.

Today, May 3rd, 2010, the Burman subject was arrested without incident at his place of employment.

He has been charged with two counts Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse with bond being set at $50,000.00 for each count.

The next court date is scheduled for May 10th, at 9 am.


20-Year Old Male Health Bridge Swim Instructor from McHenry Arrested — 13 Comments

  1. These are allegations…nothing has been “proven” Rock is innocent until PROVEN guilty…please in the future be responsible and not judge someone before their day in court.

  2. You are, of course, correct. I printed the press release from the police department.

  3. It doesn’t look like anyone is being judged, it is simply the facts of what happened. There was an investigation. He was arrested. His court date awaits. His bail was set. The post doesn’t say anything that isn’t true.

  4. I hope he gets the maximum sentence and an inmate touches him inappropriately every day until he commits suicide.

  5. @Dan Really? You weren’t in that courtroom. You don’t know who he is. There are loads of falsely accused people. Don’t judge what you don’t know. Spitting hate and not looking for forgiveness only makes things worse.

  6. Just because he was arrested does not mean that he is guilty. Kids have been pulling this crap for a long time now. Just stop judging and calling him names. It is very imature and idiotic.

  7. @ Dan, there was no evidence (all hearsay) there were other people in the pool area and in the actual swim class. There were parents watching the lesson, other kids in the class, there were lifeguards on deck…

    The Crystal Lake PD during the course of their investigation never even contacted one person that was out there during these swim lessons.

    What is happening to Rock could in fact happen to anyone of us. Whenever there are words being flung about and no evidence, lawyers must use whatever means to sway a jury (shame on them).

    I can understand people’s need and desire’s to put away molesters and I agree. I however have issues when there is a witch hunt mentality and all someone has to do is point the finger and poof they have a million dollars in their bank account (believe me this had everything to do with $…I dare the parents to donate any/all monies collected to the American Red Cross).

    This is and will continue to be about MONEY and what these parents can hope to obtain financially from Centegra.
    EVERYONE who knows Rock knows he is innocent. That nothing was even remotely proven and in fact showed that it was impossible, the states attorneys relied on emotion…”there’s no evidence but what if it did happen, we can’t let another one walk out the door”. And that dear Dan in unconstitutional.

    I could respect your opinion, if you took the time to actually educate yourself in regards to this case. However like many people who follow the herd mentality you sprung filth without knowing both sides (it’s all very interesting, would make you raise an eyebrow at these parents and ask yourself “really?”).

    So I implore you that if there is a next time…take a moment and gather facts before you wish an innocent person harm.

  8. Hear, hear, Brandy!

    Dan, you obviously know nothing about either this case or the gentleman Rock Burman accused of this crime, whom you refer to as “a piece of shit”. Rock happens to be one of the most moral, decent young people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Not a single person who knows him believes that he could even be capable of committing the offenses for which he has WRONGLY been found guilty. As an employee I have personally heard him highly praised numerous times by parents as a wonderful instructor and thrilled with the progress their children have made. He was requested more than any other instructor for swim lessons.

    There is a lot of genuine child abuse and it is a tragedy of humankind that this does occur. Those who perpetrate abuse should be punished. But, as Adam said, it also happens that people are falsely accused for various reasons and it is horrible to see a young man’s life destroyed by false accusations. How often do we hear these days of people that have spent years in prison for a crime they did not commit but new evidence finally proves their unwavering claim of innocence? Or how about having any evidence at all which this case did not?

    Dr. Bruce Perry, who has done significant research and is an expert on childhood trauma, states our memories of events are constantly changing processes that are influenced and biased by many sources other than the actual event we have stored. Our experiences filter what comes afterwards but our current emotional state or environment can also influence how we look back and what we recall from out past. We may not be aware that our mood and environment can influence the emotional tone of our recall, the interpretation of the event or even our beliefs regarding which events actually took place. When the memory is “saved” and placed back in storage again, we can inadvertently modify it. When it’s discussed again, the interpretation you hear from another person – friend, PARENT, therapist – can bias how and what you recall the next time you pull up that memory. Incremental changes over time can even lead to the creation of memories that did not take place. Researchers have been able to encourage test subjects to create memories of childhood events that didn’t happen from common to extreme. (Please feel free to research this yourself, dear Dan)

    That being said if someone, particularly a child, is told enough times that something happened, they will eventually believe it to be an accurate memory. Especially if they want nothing more than to please their parent.

    Convicting someone on a “what if” is not what our Constitution is about – it states BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. As Brandy stated it could be any one of us. Maybe next time it will be you. Should that happen pray that those of us who believe in Rock’s innocence will be not be wishing the same fate for you that you hope for him.

  9. I went to high-school with Rock (**Really, I did.**.) & I know who he is & I also know what kind of a guy he is.; He’d never hurt a fly let-alone do something as ridiculous as this. He’s innocent until proven guilty & from where I sit, “There’s no proof, what-so-ever!” & also, “Good luck with that…”.

  10. This is all too sad! There has to be substantial evidence otherwise he should not be convicted.

    It’s a shame that people are falsley accused because it is going to make people be afraid of doing anything for kids or people in general.

    I think people are afraid already of even helping out because people love lawsuits and trying to get easy money.

    So sad!

  11. IF this is a mistake, tham I suck.

    But the odds are in my favor.

    However The system does not work all of the time and I should not judge someone based on anything.

    I have a son that took lessons there and felt it was too close to home, I might have went overboard. S

    orry if I offended any of you, unless he is guilty.

    Only really knows.

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