Tim Schmitz Has the Right Budget Message

State Rep. Tim Schmitz (R-Batavia)

I’ve been watching the Democrats irresponsible budget actions since 2002, when Rod Blagojevich beat Jim Ryan and me for Governor.

Look at State Rep. Tim Schmitz’ comment to Daily Herald reporter John Patterson (or maybe reporter Timothy Macgaw) in today’s Daily Herald:

“We’ve been telling you since 2002 we don’t have enough money. Wake up.”

The article says there’s a $13 billion deficit. (I’m not following budget things closely enough to know how that grew from last year’s $11 billion.)

Since 2002, the Democrats have put in an extra billion dollars a year in the state budget.

When Blagojevich took office, he asserted there was a $5 billion deficit.

Maybe it was a two-year deficit. In any event, it certainly could have been worked off over time, if a billion dollars a year in new spending had not been added to the budget.

Now, let’s do some simple math.

It’s been seven years since the Democrats took control of every part of state government in 2003. (Although the election victory was in 2002, they took office in January, 2003.)

$5 billion, plus seven times $1 billion equals $12 billion.

Close enough to $13 billion for government math, I figure.

So, who’s fault is this fiscal mess?

Would you think I’m too partisan to suggest the Democrats in control for the last seven years are responsible for the mess?

My attitude is pretty much:

The Democrats caused the mess; it’s up to them to solve it.

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