A Recidivism Prevention Program that Works

It's a small, costly program, but it keeps these woman from coming back to prison.

The Illinois Department of Corrections generally doesn’t.

It seems to be it should be renamed the Illinois Prison System or something more descriptive of its role of keeping crooks off the street.

Now comes along a program that so far is providing successful.

I remember it’s being championed by now-Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky while she was sitting across the aisle from me in the Illinois House.

That’s the really liberal Schakowsky.

But even liberals have some good ideas once in a while.

Allowing pregnant women to keep their children they bear while in prison seems to have been one of them.

This Chicago Sun-Times article by Huey Freeman tells of how a special unit in the Decatur Correctional Center gives new mothers a private room and six weeks without a work assignment after their baby is born.

“Of the 25 offenders that have gone through the program, non, zero, have returned to this prison,”

DOC Director Michael Randle says in the article.

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