Another Warning to Parents of Crystal Lake Grade School Kids of a Man Trying to Pick Them Up

Just after noon, Crystal Lake District 47 Communications Director Lori Parrish robo-called to let parents know that a man in a van was trying to talk to North Elementary School students on the way to school.

Her message follows:

“This morning between 8:30-8:45, 2 North Elementary School students were approached by a white mini-van with a black stripe.

“The driver was described as a Hispanic male wearing a dark jacket. His hair was dark, possibly spiky with bangs.

“The students reported that the driver reached over to roll down the window and then tried to talk with them.

“The children ran to school and informed the main office.

“Crystal Lake Police have been involved and shared that they would provide a heightened patrol in the North Elementary School area.”

I was later told that it was little girls that the guy was after.

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