Fleming Road Alliance Reports Survey Results

May 3rd, the Fleming Road Alliance held a meeting on May 3rd. A questionnaire was distributed to those in attendance whose results appear below:

Fleming Road Alliance Meeting  5-3-10  (61 responses)

A. Tell us what you want to see improved on Fleming Road. Please circle to tell us if you agree or not.  If you have a request or comment we do not include, please write it in one of the blanks.

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Written Comments follow:

  • Stop the needless destruction of McHenry County for profit of a few!
  • Make Fleming Road a scenic roadway!
  • Give back our $900,000
  • Do Not Touch the trees!
  • Use Queen Anne Road instead.
  • Don’t keep spending money.
  • Tell us what is actually going on.
  • All that it really needs done is some repaving!
  • Wouldn’t changing the shoulder designs change the flow of groundwater in the area?
  • Isn’t that a bad idea?
  • Why was the consultant hired?
  • Who put the bid together?
  • Unclear about agenda and purpose of this.
  • How many houses will be non-conforming properties with new right-of ways?
  • Use FOIA to get Phase I Engineering Plans (Already drawn)
  • Is this plan in Phase II engineering?
  • Why don’t they just fix Rt. 47, 14, 130 and 176. That is where main traffic is.
  • This is taxation without representation.
  • Why did DOT neglect to attend?
  • If the plan is for 2030, whey are they spending over a million dollars so far in the time of tough economics?
  • We are aware of the Alden Rd. plan.  I suspect they plan to hook Fleming up to it from Rt. 14 to Alden Rd. A real throwaway – in a neighborhood?
  • LEAVE FLEMING ALONE Many of us are using Fleming because Bull Valley is in such bad condition and now construction on Bull Valley will encourage us to continue to artificially increase the traffic count on Fleming.  The traffic count has been low in normal times.
  • Join with the folks on Alden Road who faced the same problem. Fleming Road is the only road that does not need fixing.
  • Why doesn’t IDOT keep County board reps informed?
  • Do we know of any attempt to purchase land between Lily Pond Rd. and Fleming Rd?
  • Why the change in attitude between the McDot’s open house and tonight?
  • Is the reason for not using federal funding to avoid a Phase I Environmental Study? (see the  current contract)
  • For County: Compile public comments now! Recognize a liaison. Poor expenditure of money.
  • What happens to utility poles?
  • There is absolutely no reason to add turn lanes
  • No change in speed.  35 – 40 the whole way, but no increase.

The Fleming Road Alliance Organizing Committee consists of

  • Lisa Halma Rhoades
  • Mary Moltman
  • Ed Bennett
  • Marti Jadd
  • Linda Ramsey
  • Stanley Jarosz
  • Phyllis Keinz
  • Janet Trafelet
  • Michelle Krenger
  • Chris Sellers

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