Tryon Sends Email Budget Letter to Constituents

April 12th, State Reps. Mike Tryon and Jack Franks, both from McHenry County, joined State Senators Randy Hultgren, who is running for Congress against Democrat incumbent Bill Foster in the 14th District south of the McHenry-Kane County line, and Chicago State Senator Ricky Hendon in discussing the state budget.

The following email just arrived from State Rep. Mike Tryon. He includes a link to an April 20, 2010, WTTW Chicago Tonight show on which he, State Rep. Jack Franks and State Senators Randy Hultgren and Ricky Hendron discuss the budge crisis facing Illinois. I think the Republicans called it a “spending” crisis.

Dear friends,

Many residents of Illinois may be asking themselves how is it Illinois is over $13 billion dollars in the red when our state is not constitutionally allowed to run a deficit.

The simple answer to this question is the inability of the entrenched Chicago political interests that currently run the State of Illinois to fundamentally change the way we appropriate money.

In homes across Illinois, family budgets are being managed everyday.   Most of us who have had to balance our own household budget know full well the unpleasant realities and tough decisions that need to be made when doing so.

Mike Tryon discussed budget problems on WTTW April 12, 2010.

The fact of the matter is that our economy is contracting, while government continues to expand.  Our leaders need to recognize that government can’t be all things to all people.We need to roll back spending in the form of reducing our Medicaid eligibility which is one of the most liberal in the country.

We need to enact creative solutions by consolidating Illinois services, agencies and programs to maximize resources and reduce costs.

We need to start our budgetary process with revenue, not with existing spending.

Entrenched public labor interests in Illinois this year alone will be receiving nearly $336 million in wage increases, all the while fighting tooth and nail against the most modest pension reforms.

The Governor refuses to reopen contracts to bring down labor costs for fear of angering special interests.  Legislative leaders have refused to consider significant reform measures while protecting their political fiefdoms from which they have made their careers.

This type of short-sided approach to governing is not capable of digging us out of this mess.

Decisions can be made; its just legislative leaders are refusing to make them.

So as we head down to Springfield next week to see what Governor Quinn, Speaker Madigan and President Cullerton have in store for us in regards to the upcoming state budget, please know that I will be fighting to bring some accountability into the discussion.

Take a moment to watch myself and several other area legislators discuss the state budget on a recent [April 12, 2010] episode of Chicago Tonight by clicking on the link below.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding state issues.  It is an honor to serve you in Springfield.


Michael Tryon
State Representative – 64th District


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  1. If the state is mandated to have a balanced budget, can’t someone (with more money than me, obviously) simply sue to enforce it?

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