County Poll Seeks Input on Transportation

Previously McHenry County Blog has looked at the questions on the Healthy Communities 8,000 household survey concerning

Today we look at the transportation questions:


37-39. If you were to choose the highest priorities for spending McHenry County transportation funds, which THREE would you choose? (Mark only three)

(1) Improving existing highways by widening and/or upgrading intersections.

(2) Building or extending a limited access (possibly interstate) highway through the county.

(3) Adding and improving pedestrian paths, sidewalks and bike paths.

Slide of the location of the proposed Ridgefield Metra Station presented to the Crystal Lake City Council by Executive Director Phil Pagano.

(4) Establishing new train stations, increasing frequency of service and commuter parking.

(5) Improving car and van pooling to major work destinations.

Taxis at Crystal Lake Train Station.

(6) Expanding a subsidized taxi, van voucher program.

Where the CVS Pharmacy sits on Radow Road was annouced to be a bus station and park and ride facility for those using Randall Road in times past. The only park and ride lot near McHenry County sits north of the Wisconsin state line on Route 12.

(7) Creating more and improved “park and ride” sites for buses to Cook, Kane, Lake sites including Metra.

(8) Establishing scheduled bus service among major McHenry County communities.

Scheduled PACE bus on Thompson Road east of Wonder Lake.

(9) Expand on-call PACE transit, Dial-a-Ride

(10) Other (write in)

Can’t wait to see the answers to these questions. I do wonder where the question molders think McHenry County government is going to find enough money to build an interstate highway. And, where they would put it. There is one existing four-lane right-of-way. It’s what I first heard called the “Bunny Expressway.” In McHenry County it runs from east of McHenry between McHenry and Johnsburg, up west of Richmond to meet the Wisconsin interstate that goes to Lake Geneva.

This is the highway that rumor has it Arlington Park Racetrack owner Marge Everett bought land west of Richmond in the late 1960’s (secret land trust, don’t you know?) for a new track.

Without consulting local state legislators (at least those of us who were state representatives), McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Al Jourdan got this FAP420 designated a part of the Illinois Toll Highway Authority system when the Will County extension was approved. All McHenry County legislators voted against his plan.

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