Seeking Help in Finding Woodstock’s Beth Bentley

Beth Bentley

A friend of missing Woodstock mother Beth Bentley asks for help in finding her below:

Hi friends,

My friend Beth has been missing for 8 days and I am doing anything and everything I can to help in the search for her.

Today, I put up a website. Aand there is also a Facebook group page for her at

I have put together a press release tonight in hopes that friends and friends of friends and so on can forward to any media outlet – websites, radio stations, TV channels, anyplace to spread the word.

Please forward to all your friends in a continued effort to spread the news about Beth’s disappearance. Let’s find her and bring her home! The press release below should be sent as body text in an email rather than an attachment, so please forward on in that form.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or provide anything further. There are also printable “missing” posters on the website for anyone who might wish to use them, and more resources are being created and will be uploaded to that site soon for all to use.

Please note that photos of Beth are also available on the Facebook page or

Thank you very much for any help you can give.

Here is additional information:

Beth Bentley

Name: Benedetta “Beth” Bentley
Age: 41
Height: 5 ft 6 in (165 cm)
Weight: 165-ish (about 75 kg)
Last seen: Sunday May 23, 2010 in Centralia, IL
Hair color: Platinum blonde
Eye color: Brown
Race: Caucasian
Wearing: Black tank top, blue denim miniskirt, flip flops, Pandora bracelet, wedding ring, carrying a large white purse and a pink and orange Vera Bradley overnight bag
Residence: Woodstock, ILPlease help us find Beth! Beth stands out in a crowd. She is very kind, and will talk to anyone. Her three sons and husband love her, miss her and are scared! Someone saw her the evening of May 23—did you?

It is thought that Beth was going to the Amtrak train station in Centralia, IL to catch a 6 PM train to Union Station in Chicago.

The train she was supposed to be on arrived at Union Station around 11 PM Sunday night. It has not been confirmed that she actually boarded the Amtrak train from Centralia to Union Station as planned.

She did not arrive home as expected, and a missing person’s report was filed by her husband on Monday, May 24 with Woodstock Police.

Search areas of concentration include Mt. Vernon, Centralia and Chicago, IL.

Police believe that neither marital nor mental health issues contributed to Beth’s disappearance. It is very unusual that Beth would not be in communication with her family and friends.

Any information you may have that could be helpful in locating Beth should be directed to the Woodstock Police Department at once. They can be reached at (815) 338-2131.

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