Witness Says State Police Didn’t Contact Him about Sheriff’s Department Incident with Pavlins

Yesterday I was frustrated because someone in the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department or the Illinois State Police apparently released information about a State Police probe of the way Keith Nygren’s dealt with Crystal Lake seniors Jerome and Carla Pavlin.

The frustration came from the Sheriff’s Department’s and/or the State Police’s refusal to provide McHenry County Blog with whatever the big boys got.

I did manage to obtain a reaction statement from McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, which was published in full.

Now one of the witnesses to the incident, former Nygren Republican primary challenger Zane Seipler has released a statement. It follows:

Zane Seipler

Andy Zinke

“Illinois State Police never attempted to contact me regarding what I saw or heard after the Pavlins were arrested.

“I did testify to the Grand Jury after receiving a subpoena from Mr.(Lou) Bianchi’s office.

“I am confident that when the jury in the Pavlin case hears ALL the facts, Mr. (Andy) Zinke’s statements will be exposed for what they are, propaganda and half truths.

“It’s a shame Mr. Zinke has decided that this is the kind of Undersheriff he is willing to be.

“I had hoped under his leadership the department would begin to move in a positive, forward thinking direction. “

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