Algonquin Pot Bust by Sheriff’s Department Sparked by Domestic Battery Complaint

After reading the press release from the Sheriff’s Department below, I wondered if the woman making the complaint didn’t think of the implications of doing so.

One Arrested for Domestic Battery and Operation of

an Indoor Clandestine Grow Operation

Sheriff Keith Nygren announced today the arrest of an Algonquin resident for domestic battery and operation of an indoor clandestine cannabis growing lab on June 7, 2010.

.Members of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office discovered an indoor clandestine growing lab in the 1400 block of Cary-Algonquin Road in Algonquin, IL while investigating a reported domestic battery.

McHenry County Jail

At the completion of the investigation, McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Narcotic’s Division recovered over 30 grams of processed cannabis, along with 14, approximately 4’-5’ tall, actively growing cannabis sativa plants along with nutrients, lights, ballasts and exhaust tubing used to cultivate the Cannabis.

Sheriff Nygren estimates the street value of the seized cannabis to be in excess of $14,000. The investigation culminated in the arrest of self admitted Latin King gang member, Gustavo Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was incarcerated in the McHenry County Correctional Facility. The criminal investigation is ongoing.

Gustavo Rodriguez (M/H age 33)
1406 Cary Algonquin Rd
Algonquin, IL

1 count Possession of cannabis with intent to deliver (Class 3)
1 count Possession of cannabis (Class 4)
1 count Production of cannabis sativa plants (Class 4)
1 count Possession of drug paraphernalia (Class A)
1 count Possession of firearm ammunition  (Class A)
3 counts of Domestic Battery (Class A)
Bond:    $50,000
Next Court:  June 15, 2010 at 9:00 A.M.


Algonquin Pot Bust by Sheriff’s Department Sparked by Domestic Battery Complaint — 1 Comment

  1. $14,000? I can get that same amount weed way cheaper from them Zacatecas fellas at that grocery store in Crystal Lake.

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