Metra Provides Subpoenas in Phil Pagano Case

Both the Cook County State’s Attorney and the United States Attorney have taken an interest in the overpayment of former Metra Executive Director Phil Pagano.

First to serve a subpoena was the State’s Attorney. You see it below (click to enlarge):

Requested were personnel records back to January 1, 2000. Interestingly, the documents says,

“Your (sic) are not to disclose the existence of this request.”

Phil Pagano

Since I got the May 5th record through the Freedom of Information Act, I guess it trumps the instruction on the subpoena.

The U.S. Attorney’s subpoena was dated May 20th.

It asks for “all computers, cellular telephones and/or handheld communications devices and any related computer media that Metra issued to Phil Pagano during his tenure at Metra,” plus his personnel file in a separate subpoena.

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