Lecturing on Illinois Ethical Behavior – Part 3

McHenry County Blog is looking at State Rep. Jack Franks’ claim that he brought Governor Rod Blagojevich down.

I’ll grant that he was early on the bandwagon.

Jack Franks on WTTW

And he does know how to work the Chicago media, but the impetus for the impeachment was the fact that the replacement process Blagojevich followed was caught on tape and U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald decided to express his outrage with a 6 AM arrest.

In the world of politician lawyers who can interpret anything to mean something else, Franks may believe he took Blago down.

He just shouldn’t publicly take credit for what he really didn’t do because we all know it was the Feds and not Jack Franks efforts that got Blago impeached.

BP can claim it is pro-pelican, for example, but the essential truth of the matter is something else.

There’s an irony with how Franks goes on a June fishing vacation in Canada each year in June with Illinois Democrat leaders and shakers.

This probably didn’t make it into his Scottsdale speech.

A tanned Jack Franks in Scottsdale, Arizona (from Facebook page).

I doubt his attempt to get friends and family appointments when Blagojevich first took office made it into any “government ethics” discussion.  Democrats, including Franks, bailed on Blago to save their own skins, some a bit sooner than others.

Franks exaggeration and making a Scottsdale conference his constituent services priority is rather remarkable.   Here’s the Facebook link where I found the information.

For some reason Franks included this about the conference:

“Conference attendees included Amal Abdallah, Senior Ethics Assistant at the United Nations”

I guess we should be impressed with the ethical standards common to United Nations’ business or that someone from the U.N. wanted to attend a conference in Scottsdale during December.

Considering all the ethical lapses and outright corruption at the UN, it really is surprising he through to include Abadallah’s name.

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