Young Chinese Leaders Come to Crystal Lake and Woodstock – Part 5

First we went to the reception center where everyone got pamphlets.

After leaving the McHenry County Jail, the young Chinese political leaders and I headed toward two Kirk Home developments south of Woodstock.

Back in the late 1990’s my friends Al and Kathy Salvi had hosted a city councilman from Moscow. We went to eat at my favorite restaurant, 1776, and afterward we visited a model home on Miller Road in Lake in the Hills.

He was entranced. Indeed, I was so impressed that I vowed never to encourage my wife to look at new home models in the area. The inside was spectacular. Of course, there were no trees, a big thing with me.

We went into the town home development that can be seen from Route 47 first.

What you see there now is pretty much what we saw then.

First we went into the reception unit.  I told the sales people who was visiting and they were pretty impressed.

Then, it was off to the model town homes.

We got to the first bed room and University of Chicago MBA QI Bin plopped down on the bed. Maybe he stayed out late in his old college town of Chicago the night before.

There was an unlandscaped drainage pond that could be seen out the bedroom window.

Frist a guy posed for pictures on the bedroom window ledge

The group seemed quite interested in the view outside the second floor bedroom.

Then another.

But there were woman interested, too.

Guys wanted pictures of the woman.

Next it was a man and a woman.

I would imagine there are many views like this in Chinese housing.

The next room was a study.

QI Bin, Research Center Director of the China Securities Regulatory Commission made himself at home. He told me he was married and had a little girl.

The study attracted men only.

Next in the chair was XIAO Chuanjiang, Deputy Chief of Staff, People’s Government of Tibet Autonomous Region.

I would not be surprised to find interior decoration ideas from these Kirk homes are now found in China.

Delegation head LI Hui was quite interested in the interior decoration.

Relaxing at a dining room table made the agenda.

Downstairs at the Yellowstone (I think) model town home of Kirk Homes.

The living room was up for examination next.

This living room doesn't look small enough to fit into a town home.

You can see there was widespread interest.

It seems the living room was quite impressive.

Another model, another study. This one attracted both a man and a woman.

If you look at the picture above, you can see how this study overlooks the living room.

These nautical decorations caught the attention of Li Hui.

Boat flags and a life preserver are seen here.

I got a feeling if the delegation leader could have taken home these anchors she would have.

This brought to mind the song, "Anchors Away." My mother used to sing it to me in the late 1940's when she played the piano.

Next the group headed outside.

Off to a new adventure.

More tomorrow.

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