Crystal Lake TEA Party Rally on Route 14

The crushing debt being imposed by Congress on future generations was one of the issues being protested. "Give me liberty, not debt" reads one of the signs.

As the Wonder Lake Independence Day Parade was taking place, TEA Party supporters were rallying on Route 14 in Crystal Lake.

A referenece to opposition to Communism greeted those driving east on Route 14 Sunday afternoon.

There were flags galore.

There were at least three versions of the "Don't Tread on Me" rattlesnake flag.

And signs showing dissatisfaction with the current state of national affairs.

A play on words about Congresswoman Melissa Bean's name was featured on one homemade sign.

One brought it down to Melissa Bean’s representation in Congress in the northern part of McHenry County:

Melissa Has-Bean

Hey Hey

Good Bye

The more general message was

"November is coming" states this woman's placard.

Is Coming

Sponsor of the demonstration was McHenry County Tea Party.

Organizing the event was the McHenry County Tea Party. Chris Jenner was one of those who took the microphone.

There were hats with many messages. This one came from the Independence Hall gift shop.

Pete Castillo displays his patriotism on July 4th.

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