Barb Wheeler Plans Teeni Weeni Bikini Martini Pool Party Fund Raiser July 17th

I don’t drink martinis, but this sounds like an interesting fund raiser.

I assume the guys are expected to wear Speedos.

Barb Wheeler is passionately talking to national anti-gambling leader Tom Grey here after the Patriots United Town Hall meeting on Video Poker.

Tom and Susan Moran are opening their Nunda Township Oak Ridge home and, presumably, pool for the July 17th event to help finance the re-election of McHenry County Board member Barbara Wheeler.

There will be lifeguards. I am sure that is not because of the martinis.

RSVP’s are due by July 12th. Call 815-245-4556 and talk to the county board member herself. I’m sure she’d be willing to talk issue, too.

I called for the price and Wheeler told me she didn’t want to exclude anyone by setting a price.

I said, “Oh, like an envelope party.”

She had never heard that term.

I ran across it which working on Denny Kelley’s mayoral campaign in Springfield, Illinois.  It’s what fund raisers were called when there wasn’t a set price.

In any event, “the more, the merrier,” as Wheeler put it.  Contribute what you can afford, but please join the party, she asks.

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