“It’s All Bogus”

Jack Franks, Democrat State Representative from McHenry County, voted against saving $240 million each year.

One can say Franks wants to balance an Illinois budget as long as the liberal special interests of the teachers unions are protected.

Depriving students in Chicago’s worst schools of a chance for a decent education is what Franks voted for.

There are not many places in Illinois’ budget where you can save $240 million dollars every year and end up with better services being delivered to the public.

So I found it interesting his describing how his fellow Democrats are handling the budget.

This was his criticism:

“It’s all bogus”

Franks gave the quote to the Chicago Tribune for a July 6h article.

Yes, Jack, it is bogus to try to balance a budget while being an automatic vote for the teachers unions and other special interests.

That’s how we got into this mess.

Franks is hoping voters won’t figure out he was looking into a mirror when he also leveled this criticism of Governor Quinn:

“None of this is real. In reality he (Governor Pat Quinn) cut very little from the budget, and he shouldn’t pretend he’s made the hard decisions because he’s done very little.”

Lawyers are sometimes described as being the type of person who talks out of both sides of their mouths.

As a veteran lawyer-politician, Franks appears to be showcasing this skill. In this case it was in a grandstanding way to the Trib.

State and Federal legislators confer before the Wonder Lake 4th of July Parade. On the left is State Rep. Jack Franks. On the right is 8th District Congresswoman Melissa Bean.

Perhaps sharing pointers on how Democrats in McHenry County need to employ this tactic, is what Franks and U.S. Congresswoman Melissa Bean were talking about in this photo taken in Wonder Lake.

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