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When Jason McLeod died last last year while fighting for our freedom, the entire town of Crystal Lake took note.

Businesses up and down Route 14 carried messages of condolence which you can see here.

Cassidy Tire even put up a message telling where to call to donate to his family.

The number on the sign was 815-477-5050.

The organizers of Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade honored McLeod again.

Setting the stage was the Color Guard leading the parade.

The Color Guard at Crystal Lake's Independence Day Parade.

McLoed’s family rode in the car of honor and acknowledged the respectful applause.

The relatives of Jason McLeod rode in the Grand Marshall's car.

The Grand Marshall’s antique vehicle had a sign telling people who was in it.

Uniformed soldiers carried the banner announcing the honor bestowed upon Jason McLeod.

In front of the car was a banner carried by four members of the Armed Services.

The start of the parade was the Grand Marshall's car.

People waited expectantly and sadly for the car to follow.

It was traveling too fast for me or maybe I was just too emotionally involved to click fast enough.

Behind the vehicle friends marched.

Friends, many wearing tee shirts honoring Jason McLeod, marched behind the car.

Some wore tee-shirts that said,


Right behind came the Great Lakes Navy Band playing a rousing version of “Anchors Away.”

The Navy Band from Great Lakes.


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