McHenry City Council to Vote on 50% City Sales Tax Hike at Monday Meeting

The Republican running against Democrat Jack Franks for state representative sends the following press release about the McHenry City Council’s probable vote to hike its city sales tax 50% on Monday night.

Home Rule cities like McHenry can raise the rate of its city sales above the 1% authorized by state law.

Crystal Lake and Algonquin have hiked theirs 75%. Lake in the Hills hiked its 50%.

McHenry seems poised to follow suit.

The council meeting starts at 7:30. The public is allowed only ten minutes to comment, according to the agenda.

Here is GOP state rep. candidate John O’Neill’s press release:

John O'Neill hailing people at a parade.

The McHenry City Council will be voting on a TAX HIKE, raising sales tax from 7% to 7 1/2% on Monday, July 12 at 7:30 p.m. It happens to be while the whole town is enjoying FIESTA DAYS and not really paying attention to what’s going on at City Hall.

Join John O’Neill at the City Council meeting, pray they decide to cut the budget rather than raise taxes during the “Worst Recession since the Great Depression.”

Property values are plummeting, property taxes are increasing, and unemployment is at 10%. Of course many economists believe unemployment is really at 16% when you count those who have lost their unemployment benefits and given-up looking for a job.

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