Seeing Both Sheriff Keith Nygren and Opponent Mike Mahon in a Parade

You may remember that I arrived at Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade too late to see the dignitaries.

There were separated from the rest of the parade by many minutes. So, all I saw was Democrat Mike Mahon’s contingent. (I assume McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren had already gone by. Maybe I missed others, too.)

In the McHenry Fiesta Days Parade, organizers put all the politicians up front. I noticed that sometimes opposing candidates came right next to each other.

Probably because he is the incumbent, McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren was ahead of his challenger.

Sheriff's Department motorcycles performed in front of Keith Nygren's campaign convertible.

First came motorcycles. Two were ridden by deputies, two by Conservation District police officers.

Sheriff Keith Nygren and his wife Marge rode in a convertible.

Right behind riding in a convertible was the Sheriff with his wife Marge.

The Sheriff's Department's Crime Prevention Trailer.

The Illinois Department of Transportation-subsidized Crime Prevention Trailer was just behind.

Snow mobiles completed the Nygren contingent. Unfortunately, there was no snow.

The departmental snow mobile trailer was at the end of Nygren’s procession.

The Mike Mahon entry had a convertible pulling a float.

In sharp contrast to Nygren’s parade entry, that of challenger Mike Mahon had walkers.

Perhaps the deputies in the Sheriff’s contingent were volunteers, but, then again, maybe some or all were being paid.

On the back and side of Mike Mahon's float were four by four foot signs saying, "Mike Mahon for Full-Time Sheriff."

Mahon’s not being an incumbent, on the other hand, meant that his people were not being paid.

Mike Mahon and a volunteer pass out beads.

Mahon and his volunteers were passing out beads.

Besides beads, Mike Mahon passed out information about his candidacy.

I think I see palm cards in Mahon’s hand as well.


Seeing Both Sheriff Keith Nygren and Opponent Mike Mahon in a Parade — 7 Comments

  1. I’m not sure what the beads Mike passed around represent. But I’ll bet he didn’t waste one dime of taxpayers’ money putting his name all over every one. Keith – if you do squeek to victory in November, please, please stop the ego-maniacal name-plastering on OUR equipment. On the other hand, I’m wondering what it will cost us to have Andy’s name plastered all over OUR equipment when you step aside after the election and your hand picked successor moves into your office. I gotta vote Mahon. My wallet can’t take any more punishment.

  2. Will Nygren tell the people of Mchenry that after his hand picked replacement takes over the taxpayers will have to fork over thousands of dollars to put his replacement’s name on everything? Also will his replacement one up Nygren by going to an eight point star?

  3. Nygren has houses all over the country and his wife lives in Florida.

    I’m sure he spends lots of quality time in the office thinking of where he can plaster his name at taxpayer expense.

    You can’t fight crime from a house in Florida.

    We need some BIG CITY BIG COUNTY experience.

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