Second Leaflet Surfaces Opposing SportsPlex

The SportsPlex developer would be required to relocate Pleasant Valley Road so that it is opposite the south leg of Route 47. The north edge of the property is where Pleasant Valley Road now runs. The intersection improvement will make it possible for people traveling east on Pleasant Valley Road wanting to turn noth to do so safely.

You will remember that when we arrived home from our East Coast trip, I discovered a flyer opposed to the Lakewood SportsPlex.

A second one turned up Sunday headlined,


Here’s its content:

This is the second anti-SportsPlex broadside to reach Gate 11.


  • On Tuesday, July 26, 2010 the Lakewood Planning and Zoning Committee will be meeting at 6:00 pm at Redtail Golf Club.
  • They plan to zone land for the SportsPlex that is NOT YET even ANNEXED to Lakewood.
  • Their intention is to annex that property in the next 30 days.
  • Show up and tell them NO MORE ANNEXATION!
  • The last round of annexation of approximately 18 properties paid $5000.00 CASH, waived annexation fees and gave tax incentives to the property owners.
  • Lakewood had to borrow the money from an impact fund to make the cash payments.
  • Your village president claims that money will be repaid from sales tax revenue from the 4 businesses annexed to the village. It will take YEARS to recoup that money from the 4 SEASONAL BUSINESSES that joined the village.

The meeting is on Tuesday, which is the 27th, not the 26th.

Details on the agendas of the two meetings can be found here, as can what it will look like.


Second Leaflet Surfaces Opposing SportsPlex — 2 Comments

  1. Looks a lot like Sunset Park in LITH… 6.5 miles away!!!!

    Really….how many baseball diamonds does a county need?

    Can anyone find either Chicagoland Foreign Investment Group, LLC. or McHenry County Sportsplex LLC. in the Illinois registry?

    The point of the stimulus (and the EB5) should be to promote wise job-creating investments. If we choose to invest (as a community) foolishly we only have ourselves to blame. (financing is after all a loan that needs to be paid back eventually)

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