“Off with Their Heads!”

"Off with their heads!"

My wife’s favorite line in the new version of “Alice in Wonderland” is

“Off with their heads!”

It’s been almost three months since Crystal Laker Phil Pagano, Metra’s crooked Executive Director killed himself by stepping in front of the last inbound train from McHenry.

Now a Democrat has finally figured out that the entire Metra Board should be replaced.

Daily Herald on-line article.

Lake County State Senator and Republican Party Chairman Terry Link.

That was the public relations opening that occurred to me a bit earlier than Link.

One can only wonder why the Democrats waited so long on this, oh so Republican scandal.

The lack of oversight was simply stunning…especially for a party that prides itself for being the party of management.


“Off with Their Heads!” — 2 Comments

  1. Clean house, then REALLY check out replacements. The “well connected” seem to get all of these perks. That goes for BOTH political parties.

  2. Political ******* plain and simple. They needed to check and make sure none of their friends were involved first. We need a call to action to Veterans and regular citizens. The PreAmble to the Constitution of the United States, that it is our morale responsibility to take back our Government in these times when Government has run amuck. We need our veterans to remember our Oath the protect our country from enimies both Foreign and Domestic! We never unswore that oath and with our forces over seas its time to take back our Country, run for office and replace those who wish to take down our Country. Its not about money its about where we live. This is our home and its time to take it back.

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