Autism Services Center Breaks Ground in Crystal Lake

Camelot's John Harcourt explains his firm's project.

The biggest new construction in Crystal Lake in a couple of years broke ground yesterday.

Designed to provide both residential and outpatient services, Camelot has broken ground in Crystal Lake for a 50,000 square foot building on Congress Parkway next to the Post Office.

Here is the firm’s press release:

Camelot breaks ground for residential facility
for autistic children in Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake, IL, July 29, 2010 – Camelot, a nationally renowned provider of educational and therapeutic services for autism, held a groundbreaking ceremony yesterday for a residential treatment center in Crystal Lake.

“We intend to be an active member of this community. You have welcomed us with open arms, and we know already we have chosen a wonderful location for our center,” Camelot CEO John Harcourt told the 50 Crystal Lake residents who attended the ceremony.

Harcourt pointed out that this would be the first residential center that Camelot is constructing from the ground up to meet the special needs of its clients. Previously the company had purchased existing buildings and renovated them.

Digging in to break ground for the new Camelot Crystal Lake Residential Treatment Center are (from left to right), Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley, Camelot Assistant Vice President Grayson Harcourt, Cindy Sullivan, Executive Director of Options and Advantages for McHenry County, Camelot CEO John Harcourt, Chamber of Commerce President Gary Reece and Camelot Crystal Lake Residential Treatment Center Executive Director, Jung Mi Yi, Psy. D.

Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley, Chamber of Commerce President Gary Reece and Cindy Sullivan, Executive Director of Options and Advantages for McHenry County joined Harcourt at the podium.

Shepley welcomed Camelot to Crystal Lake and pointed out that Camelot was adding a needed amenity to the community.

He recounted meeting someone who was considering leaving Crystal Lake because his child had special [needs]. Now, with Camelot providing those services, the community can keep and attract families who need special programs for their children.

The residential treatment center will be home to 60 children with various type of autism. The educational program will also serve local children referred by social service agencies.

By equipping children with a means to communicate – often for the first time in their lives – Camelot helps reduce their frustration and negative behaviors.

At Camelot’s residential schools, staff members emphasize skills that are essential to independent living: communication and relationship building. Camelot’s car­ing professionals help children unlock their potential and acquire life-changing skills.

The children are currently living in a Camelot residential center in Des Plaines.

The new 50,000 square foot building in Crystal Lake will provide expanded facilities, including a dormitory allowing each child a private room.

Avram Builders of Naperville is constructing the center, which will include an education building and a gym with a basketball court. Construction is expected to take nine months.

Camelot operates residential treatment centers in Illinois, Kansas, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia.

The company also runs therapeutic schools for children with autism who continue to live at home.


Autism Services Center Breaks Ground in Crystal Lake — 2 Comments

  1. Hi,
    I have identical twins that will be entering 1st grade.

    The school that they attend right now has discontinued the contract as they are out of district.

    This is very frustrating to us because this will be the second time that they are taken out of a community autism program.

    We live in Lake in the Hills and are currently looking for new placement for them.

    We are very interested to find out more details about this school and how tuition is based for the therapeutic school portion.

    Any information as to when this school will be opened and if there is a waiting list we would love to be entered on it.

    Thank you for your time in this matter.

    How exciting to find something so close to home.

  2. i would have to agree. the only thing worhty of camleot is that a lot of the 100/150 female staff members are attracted to kids under 18

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