Site of Massage Parlor Arrest Found

Sunday I went looking for the 900 Pyott Road address given in the Chicago Sun-Times article published last Friday, July 30th.

Google was no help.  Looked like an empty intersection.

A nearby place that appeared it might be the location was something of a gift shop which the owner said didn’t have anything like a massage parlor going “on the side.”

No East West Healing Touch.

With some expert guidance, I went looking again today.

And found the place.

900 Pyott Road, called Pyott Place.

It’s the old Northwest Herald office building. (Or maybe it was called the Crystal Lake Herald way back then.)

The location of the arrest is just south of Nick's Pizza.

Behind Nick’s Pizza on Pyott Road, just south of Virginia Street Road.

The list of tenants at 900 Pyott Place.

Nothing on the big sign listing tenants.


Site of Massage Parlor Arrest Found — 4 Comments

  1. Google… Scott Fitts grant park police chief now in prison. Hi Keith!

  2. That’s a nice cream-colored Cadillac parked next to the sign. I can barely make-out the license plate number though…

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