Mahon Pledges to Scrap Nygren Mexican Exchange Program

Keith Nygren

The negative comments under the Northwest Herald article about McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren’s plan to resume visits to his Mexican Sister City has prompted his Democratic Party challenger to strike.

Mike Mahon’s press release pledging to scrap the exchange program follows:


Candidate for McHenry County Sheriff Mike Mahon vowed Tuesday that if elected, he would move to cancel any exchange program with Mexico or any other countries as has been practiced by incumbent Sheriff Keith Nygren.

In a published report Monday, Nygren was described as looking to revitalize an eight-year-old program that paired McHenry County sheriff’s deputies with their counterparts in Mexico on a periodic basis, allegedly in the interest of cross-cultural appreciation.

“It’s odd that Sheriff Nygren suddenly yearns to go south of the border three months out from a general election,”

Mahon said.

Mike Mahon campaigning at McHenry's Fiesta Days Parade.

According to the published report, Nygren stopped short of announcing plans to again send McHenry County police to Mexico in person, as was done in prior years, but did not rule out doing so in the future.

“I hope Sheriff Nygren can be trusted not to send our officers into what is currently extremely dangerous territory for Mexican military and peace officers, much less our officers,”

Mahon said.  “And it would be the height of irresponsibility to send high school band members or school-age children when the U.S. State Department has issued a travel advisory to Mexico, yet this idea was articulated by Nygren’s picked liaison to the Hispanic community.

“But revitalizing this costly plan at all is a bad idea for McHenry County,” Mahon said.

“In case Sheriff Nygren hasn’t noticed, law enforcement offices across this nation are cutting personnel left and right due to the economy.  Are we to pay the salaries of McHenry County officers so they can do ride-alongs with Mexican police while we need them fighting crime right here?  I don’t see any other counties even considering such a move.”

Mahon said that regular, mandatory training is important to sensitize police officers to different cultures they may encounter.

“Law enforcement officers should be sensitive to all local communities in order to increase their effectiveness and avoid unnecessary friction.  I would continue and perhaps expand ongoing training efforts in this regard, especially in-service training and roll-call training.  But I consider this recent announcement a politically motivated throwaway, and indicative, once again, of someone whose focus is outside McHenry County.”

“We need a Sheriff who will worry about the community he is responsible for, about the citizens of McHenry County and the officers who put themselves on the line everyday for that citizenry.

“As Sheriff I will ask myself three questions before initiating a new policy: 1. Will this make McHenry County safer? 2. Will the law-abiding citizens of McHenry County support it?  and 3.Will the taxpayers of McHenry County benefit?”

Mahon further noted that Nygren’s liaison to the Hispanic community, local businessman Jose Rivera, is associated with La Rosita grocery store of Crystal Lake, which within the last week has been fined $2,500 and had its license to sell liquor revoked due to its third violation of the offense of selling liquor to minors.

“I don’t know if he’s picked the right businessman to be the face of the Sheriff’s Office in the Hispanic community,” Mahon said.  “La Rosita has certainly not shown itself to be a role model for law-abiding businesses.”


Mahon Pledges to Scrap Nygren Mexican Exchange Program — 24 Comments

  1. The problem with this attack by Mahon is it is inherently less than honest. Nygren clearly stated in the article he stopped the visits due to safety concerns, that it is still not safe, but that he hopes the recent of election of new officials may help increase safety in the future so that visits may resume again with added safety.

    To imply he is stating it is currently safe to send anyone is simply dishonest.

  2. “Added Safety” LOL LOL You’re an idiot… Obviously you know NOTHING about how the Mexican Government works….

    Keith Nygren is ‘betting’ YOUR children’s lives on a “New Mexican Official?” Im sorry, I can’t even believe I have responded to this insanity. Jose Rivera, Nygren’s “Adviser” knows what is best for YOUR kids.

    Why doesn’t Jose move back to Mexico if he is so proud of what is going on down there. (there is more to come about Jose Rivera…he is a ‘video’ star!! he just doesn’t know it yet!)

    Folks, don’t listen to a word of Nygren and Jose “Cuervo” Rivera’s garbage. Jose is in McHenry County selling liquor to YOUR CHILDREN from his grocery store.

    I admit Im insane…. but I know Mexico as well as anybody reading this. I’m waiting for my new roomy here in S. Elgin, Keith Nygren!

    DO NOT send your children to Mexico………..Go ahead now, attack me all you Nygrinites. If my rants can save one child, I’ll take the hit!

  3. That’s the difference between attorneys and police officers-attorneys stand back and wait, and police, although not looking for a fight, will not back down and usually run towards the problem. If an officer doesn’t want to go, I’m sure he/she won’t be forced to go. There are obviously areas of Mexico that are not safe (read that Arizona border if you’d like) and other areas; I wouldn’t call the South side of Chicago the safest place in Illinois either.
    Hope your room in Elgin has a window to look out of Dave

  4. And NO, I would not send a school band to Mexico either-we can agree on that point

  5. I think it’s hilarious that the only person who makes sense so far is a guy who admits he’s insane. Yes Nygren stopped short of implimenting this program again, because he has no intention of doing any of it. It’s a ploy to get the latino vote. I do believe the latino population of McHenry county is smarter than that, and now Nygren looks like a fool. It’s probably one of those ideas that” sounded good at the time” and I think “at the time “was when Nygren and Rivera were doing Jello Shots with the high school band.

  6. Despite all the spin the fact remains that Nygren stopped the visits to Mexico due to safety concerns and is clear that it is still to dangerous.

    Those implying as well as those coming right out and saying Nygren is saying it is safe there are being dishonest. He simply did not say it is safe there, he said quite the contrary to say or imply otherwise is a direct lie. I know many who make political attacks these days don’t care what the actual facts are, but in this case they are clear.

    Sure the article in question was just a puff piece about keep communication channels open along with some wishful thinking about newly elected officials. Criticize it for that if you want, but to come out and imply something was said that clearly was not is a gutter personal attack and no more.

  7. Here Keith and Jose, I brought you some of your ‘friends’ for a visit! You need not go to far to ‘party’ with them. AZ, I respect your opinion, but let me ask you this: Does the U.S. State Department have a travel warning and embassy recall for those living in Chicago??? I can’t find it, Im sorry.

    Love a Mexican, Trash an American…..this seems to be the trend! Im won’t apologize for telling it like it is. Now, it’s ‘pill’ time here at the “Stress Center.” Gotta get my meds!

    and these guys listed below Keith are right here in the Chicago area

    then these guys….

    And, the best part of this Keith, is if you stay home and catch some of these guys, your campaign will receive a HUGE reward.

    DEA Announces Gulf Cartel/Los Zetas Most-Wanted List
    State Dept. offers up to $50 million in rewards for Mexican drug traffickers
    Investigation originated with DEA Dallas Office

    JUL 23 — DALLAS — The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in conjunction with the U.S. Department of State today named the ten most-wanted members of the Mexican-based Gulf Cartel/Los Zetas and rewards up to $50 million for information leading to the capture of these notorious drug traffickers.

    The Gulf Cartel is widely considered the most powerful drug trafficking organization in Mexico and it is responsible for transporting multi-ton quantities of cocaine and marijuana into the United States; and facilitates the collection, transportation, and delivery of bulk currency shipments into Mexico.

    The Cartel is known among their rivals for their extreme violence. This reputation is owed to a group of Mexican military deserters known as “Los Zetas” who oversee the Cartel as vicious enforcers who have kidnapped, tortured, and murdered—including beheadings—of law enforcement officials, innocent citizens, informants, and rival drug gangs.

    Furthermore, the Gulf Cartel is responsible for much of the escalation of violence along our Southwest Border. Their violence is not contained at the Border, however. It has reached as far as Chicago and Detroit and even into small town America, as evidenced by the horrific murders of five people, including 3 innocent bystanders, in Birmingham, Alabama, in August 2008—attributed to the Cartel.

    Following former Gulf Cartel leader Osiel Cardenas-Guillen’s extradition to the United States in 2007, rumors surfaced that Los Zetas were operating independently from the Cartel, and had begun direct involvement in drug trafficking activities. Reports of Zeta activity from this past year suggest that there are disagreements/conflicts among the leadership. Though details on the current relationship between Los Zetas and the Cartel are tenuous, it appears the two groups continue to work together, but that Los Zetas no longer take orders from the Cartel.

    Special Agent in Charge (SAC) James L. Capra, head of the DEA’s Dallas Field Division (FD), noted that the original investigation, that ultimately led to the identification of these 10 most wanted Gulf Cartel members, originated in the Dallas Division under the file title Operation Puma.

    From August 2005 to August 2007, the DEA Dallas FD conducted a Title III (wiretap) investigation on members of several cocaine and marijuana distribution cells operating in the Dallas area. These cells were supplied cocaine and marijuana by the Gulf Cartel, working in conjunction with elements of Los Zetas.

    DEA Dallas identified Juan Reyes Mejia-Gonzalez, a.k.a. R-1, as the organizations’ source of supply. In addition to supplying the Dallas cells, Mejia-Gonzalez also distributed drugs to Houston, Chicago, and Atlanta. At the time of the investigation, Mejia-Gonzalez was the Gulf Cartel’s “plaza boss” for the Guerrero, Mexico, area, along the Texas-Mexico border. Mejia-Gonzalez reported directly to the leaders of the Gulf Cartel and was responsible for the distribution of thousands of kilograms of cocaine and marijuana per year for the Cartel. Mejia-Gonzalez also oversaw the collection of millions of dollars in drug proceeds per month for the Gulf Cartel/Los Zetas. Conservative estimates indicate Mejia-Gonzalez distributed over 2,000 kilograms of cocaine in Dallas in 2006.

    In addition to his distribution activities, Mejia-Gonzalez was also involved in establishing cocaine supply routes from South America to several entry points in Mexico.

    The Dallas investigation resulted in indictments handed down in the Northern District of Texas on 33 members of the organization located in Dallas, Houston, Boston, San Diego, several cities along the Texas-Mexico border, and Mexico.

    The Dallas investigation resulted in seizures in the Dallas area of approximately 320 kilograms of cocaine, 900 pounds of marijuana, $2,700,000 cash, five real properties, 19 vehicles, 15 handguns, 4 assault rifles and ballistic vests.


    Heriberto Lazcano-Lazcano (AKA El Verdugo, El Lazca, Laz, and Licenciado) is the leader of Los Zetas and the security chief for the Gulf Cartel. He is one of the most violent members of the drug trafficking organization, and he oversees the management and deployment of Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas enforcement operatives. Lazcano-Lazcano was an infantry corporal and a member of the Airmobile Special Forces Group (GAFE) in the Mexican military before being recruited to join Los Zetas in 2002. Reward Up To: $5 Million

    Antonio Ezequiel Cardenas-Guillen (AKA’s Ezequiel Cardenas-Guillen, Marcos Ledezma, Tony Tormenta and Licenciado) is the brother of Osiel Cardenas-Guillen and is responsible for facilitating the planning, oversight and overall control of the drug trafficking and money collection activities through the Matamoros-Brownsville corridor on behalf of the Gulf Cartel. It is believed that Cardenas-Guillen is currently involved in the procurement and trafficking of multi-ton quantities of cocaine and marijuana into the United States on a monthly basis. Reward Up To: $5 Million

    Miguel Angel Trevino-Morales (AKA’s Z-40, Zeta 40, David Estrada-Corado, Comandante Forty and El Catorce) is a high-ranking member of the Gulf Cartel/Los Zetas, responsible for collecting the “PISO” (tariff) at all drug plazas controlled by the Gulf Cartel in Mexico. From 2006 to 2007, Miguel Angel Trevino-Morales was believed to have served as Nuevo Laredo Plaza Boss for the Gulf Cartel. Reward Up To: $5 Million

    Alejandro Trevino-Morales (AKA 42, Omar and Comandante Forty Two) is the brother of Miguel Angel Trevino-Morales and a mid-level ranking member of the Gulf Cartel operating on behalf of the Gulf Cartel in Nuevo Laredo, MX. Reward Up To: $5 Million

    Juan Reyes Mejia-Gonzalez (AKA R-1, Kike , Kiki , Quique) (Dallas Fugitive) is responsible for facilitating communications between Gulf Cartel hierarchy and Central and South American sources of supply for cocaine. Reward Up To: $5 Million

    Mario Ramirez-Trevino (AKA Mario Armando Ramirez-Trevino, X-20, Mario Pelon, and Pelon) is believed to be the second-in-command of the Gulf Cartel and responsible for overseeing the day-to-day drug trafficking operations in Reynosa, Mexico. Reward Up To: $5 Million

    Gilberto Barragan-Balderas (AKA’s Heriberto and Tocayo) assists in furthering the clandestine activities of the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas. Barragan-Balderas is believed to disseminate information to high-ranking members of the Gulf Cartel which encompasses advanced notice regarding the movement and locations of military and State police patrols as well as mobile checkpoints, thereby protecting narcotics shipments of cocaine and marijuana for the Gulf Cartel/Los Zetas. Reward Up To: $5 Million

    Jesus Enrique Rejon-Aguilar (AKA Mamito, Caballero and David Enrique Cruz-Maldonado) is an original Zeta member and currently believed to be assigned in overseeing Gulf Cartel activities within the state of Coahuila, Mexico. Rejon-Aguilar is capable of selling multi-ton quantities of marijuana as well as multi-hundred-kilogram quantities of cocaine at a time. Reward Up To: $5 Million

    Samuel Flores-Borrego (AKA’s Metro Tres, Tres, M Three, El Cabezon, Metro Three, Commander Tres) is currently in control of Gulf Cartel narcotic operations within Reynosa and Miguel Aleman, Mexico. Reward Up To: $5 Million

    Aurelio Cano-Flores (AKA’s Yankee and Yiyo) oversees the Gulf Cartels narcotics related activities in the City of Camargo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Cano-Flores is believed to be actively involved in major bulk marijuana procurements as well as overseeing the repatriation of narcotic related proceeds. Reward Up To: $5 Million

  8. I love that “AZ Supporter” is actively supporting Nygren on this one. He may want to change his alias.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, folks. There is some monetary reason Nygren and Rivera want this program.

    Nygren cares about money. His money. Something is being financed with this program. It sure as hell ain’t sensitvity.

    Check out MCSDEXPOSED in the next couple of days. I’ll post some pictures of what kind of homes you can buy with $73,000.

    I was there. I have a pretty good idea of what is going on in Zacatecas.

  9. AZ writes: “That’s the difference between attorneys and police officers-attorneys stand back and wait, and police, although not looking for a fight, will not back down and usually run towards the problem.”

    AZ, what are you talking about. FEDERAL police officers in Mexico are QUITTING (spell check) their posts and walking away, others are calling in “Sick”…… where have you been.

    The US Government REFUSES to ORDER troops to our own boarder. So nobody is “Running” to help secure our citizens.

    AZ, fly down to Guatamala, and try to illegally cross into Mexico….The Mexican boarder patrol will SHOOT YOU DEAD ON THE SPOT! Mexico has Military Check Points on all its highways and roadways throughout the entire country. They stop you, search your car and question all in the vehicle.

    Why can’t we do that here??? Does that policy offend any of you? For some reason, it makes MEXICAN NIGHTLY NEWS, top story, anytime the U.S. even breaths about securing our boarders. Then, we back down.

    You want illegals, well folks, you got em! You want your drugs, You got em! Compliments of Mexican/U.S. relations! Via the MURDERS of over 26,000 innocent Mexican citizens in past 36 months alone.

    You support a Sheriff who has a man who owns a store who performs illegal activity as his “Adviser” well…. You can have him! VOTE NYGREN for four more years. You deserve him!

    Buen Dia Amigos

  10. I would just have to say I agree with Nygren that Mexico is not currently a safe place for our officers let alone someones kids. I agreed with Nygren on canceling these trips for the past few years. David I also oddly agree with you on the fact that we need to secure our border to halt illegal immigration, just don’t see what that has to do with this program. Just seems a bit odd coming from someone who not long ago was talking about running off to Mexico to live the good life.

    However the odd insistence by a few local political attack dogs that Nygren said it was currently safe in Mexico for his Deputies let alone children is simply not factual or honest in any form. That implication is simply a gutter personal attack in it’s most dishonest form.

  11. Very Curious…….Let’s agree to disagree on the ‘attack’ factor. My placing forth my ‘facts’ of which I know to be “TRUTH” because in fact I HAVE lived in Mexico BEFORE I returned to McHenry County. Where did I mention I was moving to mexico for the “Good Life?”

    I was in Mexico for purposes I will not speak about that in fact had to do with Prosecuting a Mexican National who performed Illegal Acts while ILLEGALLY living in the United States. So, let’s not say things that aren’t true about my experience with Mexico.

    Now, all things aside, I COULD support Sheriff Nygren if

    1) He would “Blend” in with his department. ie: wear a darn uniform to show unity within his department. Mentor his people, give of his 38 or 42 years of vast “Training Opportunities” he states he has ‘taken.

    2) Concentrate on the Hispanic Community right there in McHenry County. To be sure there are MANY MANY wonderful Hispanic families in need of his guidance.

    3) Expand upon his programs such as Shop with a Cop and Doughnut Programs.. Great programs all in the Sheriff’s Department can be proud of.

    4) While in parades, Drive a Sheriff’s Department Squad.. Show UNITY within the Department, for Morale purposes.. make the statement, Im no better then my hard working deputies and staff. We are all in this together!

    5) Say thanks, but no thanks to Campaign donations from for instance, Merit Board Members. Things like that…..

    Very simple things such as the few examples listed above.

    I believe the Sheriff has dedicated more time to the department since the other ‘issues’ came to light. I support and applaud Sheriff Nygren for doing this. As we used to say, “Ride On” Sheriff!

    “Appearances” do make a difference. Its a matter of choice, its a matter of being there when citizens need you. Its a matter of being there for your staff.

    In closing, I would not even consider ‘visiting’ Mexico and do not care to ever return to Mexico for the rest of my life. Invite me to share with you what I know to be true about what happens to Americans in Mexico sometime. The pretty pictures and fun Music Videos once posted to my blog, were just that…..

    I do not believe it it “Odd” to agree with any American who is concerned about our boarder protection. Perhaps we can use all this energy and point it at Washington, D.C.

    Folks, we dont need Sister Cities, we need to protect our own Lady Liberty. This is the point, the real point.

    As for “Gutter” personal attacks. I know Im insane, but in my crazy insanity, “Gutter Attacks” are those reserved to include ones Personal Life and Personal habits. Certainly, I have needed a good slap from God myself, and you can bet I got slapped down hard. But I’ve learned!!

    Anything I have laid out about the Sheriff as a “Politician” has been backed up via documents and have related to ‘things’ that pertain to public funds and public trust.

    So, let’s agree we need to fix some things, and I will remain open minded to shutting my YAPPER!

    Thank you kindly.
    (PS. I am fully aware that i cannot spell nor do I profess to write with perfect grammatical accuracy….but, My EYES and EARS never fail me!)

  12. I don’t know how the leap was made that I favor illegals, of any type. Az Supporter means that I support and agree with Arizona and Sheriff Joe. And, what I know about Mexican Federal police rivals stupidity. When I praise AMERICAN police, which are whom I’m talking about, I think my point is valid. Granted, as in any group, there are bad apples, and USUALLY, they are delt with in a proper manner………….I couldn’t agree more with the insane one, that our democraticly run government is ignoring illegal immigrants (sp) and not protecting our borders. I too have been to Mexico (not lived there), and probably wouldn’t send my dog to live there. If the illegals think Mexico is so great, what the Hell are they doing here?
    And Zane, if you were there back when, why didn’t you say something then about the program, and the Overtime question I asked about before?
    I don’t know if Nygren is the best, or worst choice for Sheriff. I also don’t know about Gus or Mike. When someone impresses me, then I’ll decide.
    So far, Dave and Zane haven’t; but then opinions are like butts-everybody has one.

  13. So basically, a few political attack dogs got caught accusing the Sheriff of saying something he did not say and now they are changing the subject while trying to imply those who caught them aren’t for border enforcement?

    The Sheriff never said that Mexico was safe for anyone to start going back. The article in question was clear that he was inviting the Governor elect of the Mexican state to McHenry here to discuss the outreach.

    The anti-Sheriffs Department crowds growing desperation is really showing in this attempted piece of fiction.

  14. What is very disturbing is that candidate Mahon seems to have been led by the nose by a couple local bloggers into implying in a statement that Nygren is saying it is safe in Mexico for Deputies or school children when Nygren clearly said the opposite. I think that is a very dangerous trait in a law enforcement official showing a lapse in integrity.

  15. If you have further questions I suggest you contact the author, Jillian Duchnowski, NW Herald…. and I quote,

    “Nygren and Latino business leader Jose Rivera are discussing renewing at least some of the exchanges in light of new officials being elected in Zacatecas.”

    It does not say LATER ON!!! Perhaps you should’nt allow 3rd graders to write your political articles.

    Well enough is enough friends. Time for my Meds.

    Buenas Noches a todos!

  16. Yes and it clearly states they are starting the exchanges by inviting the Governor Elect here not by sending anyone there. You do get that the exchange can mean both ways, right?

    Nygren clearly states “I don’t want one of my people to become a target of a kidnapping or something,” and “The program is alive and well; it’s just on hold right now because it’s just not wise right now.”

    Not sure if you are truly trying to deceive or if you are so personally involved you are actually reading some make believe quote where Nygren says it is safe there but he simply does not say or imply it is safe there. To say he did is simply not honest.

  17. Are You Kidding: My hope is that you read my comment from 4:08pm. I am trying to give the benefit of the doubt to the Sheriff on all fronts.

    Jose Rivera made the comment about the Band Kids, not Sheriff Nygren. As I found, Jose Rivera was a police officer in Huntley for about 8 total weeks several years ago. And, not to beat a dead horse, but, now his grocery store in CL has been busted for selling booze to minors.

    Perhaps the combination of poor judgment has ‘slanted’ things. I think we can all agree that perhaps, Jillian can do a re-write on the article if Sheriff Nygren cares to make things a bit more clear. Maybe keep Jose out of it… Might help the Sheriff.

    My bottom line is this and its based on personal knowledge, personal experience since 2003 going forward regarding life in Mexico.

    Let me also tell folks that there are families from Mexico, good hard working people who literally walked away from everything they worked their entire lives for, who are seeking protection here in the U.S. I cannot speak any further about this issue.

    This is not about Dave Bachmann or Keith Nygren or anybody else. Im not getting caught up in the article. Im caught up in making sure people understand how serious things are down there right now, and I do not see this changing anytime soon. if anything, the problem will only heighten as more and more Federal Officers are scared away from going to work. I dont blame them. This drug war is an issue for the Military.

    As ugly as it is, I have posted a photo on my blog at I HAVE SEEN THIS IN PERSON!

    Now, since the newspaper article seemingly is painting a picture that was not intended by the Sheriff, (per your word RUKIDDING) I will gladly remove my post on this issue. Again, giving the Sheriff the benefit of the doubt.

    Let me also be very clear about who I know and what i know. I have no personal involvement in the Sheriffs race. Here’s why,

    1) I have NEVER, not one time, spoken to Mike Mahon

    2) I have NEVER seen Mike Mahon

    3) I have never met Gus Philpott

    4) I have never seen Gus Philpott

    5) I met Zane Seipler ONE TIME for about 15 minutes as I had left over sign posts of which I gave to him. They had a total value of 30.00. I met his lovely wife and beautiful children. I dropped off the sign posts to Mr. Seipler, had a pepsi and left his home.

    I have never seen Zane Seipler since that time of December 16th 2009.

    My issues with the Sheriff have been vetted as far as I am concerned and I will not restate those issues.

    I’d hope you will re-read my prior ‘rant’ as stated above and see that I am trying to send a message….I think the name Natalee Halloway, God rest her soul, sums up my thoughts on this issue.

    DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS INTO MEXICO….for that matter, you should not go there either. NEVER drive a car in Mexico if you must go there. Trust me on these issues please.

    Finally, I would not want to see Sheriff Nygren go into Mexico at this time either. Believe it or not, although I have vented my issues with the Sheriff, I’d would NEVER want to see harm come to the Sheriff. The Sheriff shared his opinion about me via the NW Herald in October of 2008, and I have shared my opinion of his work via my blog. Period.

    There are no “Make Believe Quotes” the quote I posted immediately above says what it says. Take that issue up with Jillian please. The article was so poorly written that could well explain things. Parts of it state one thing, other parts state another…. they are not fluid nor connected.

    PS. Im curious, why did the NW Herald print a quote from Sheriff Nygren about the Deputies Parade pay. Nygren stated that his deputies were paid for parade duty at their “Regular Rate of Pay.” Since your so into quotes, can you please explain why Jillian wrote that quote but there are 72 Sheriff’s department documents posted on blogs that refute that and clearly show “OVERTIME” was paid out???

    Since we are talking about quotes. As you can see, our debate has not cost the tax payers so its harmless. BUT, the Quotes and documents sitting out there re Parade Pay on the Tax Payers backs, NOW THEY COST THE TAX PAYERS. Just asking.. what the heck, since you’re so into ‘quotes.’

    Thank you.

  18. Once again its a semantics game with a snipped newspaper quote. In such a small snipped quote (as has been displayed by many local political critics) you can try to spin it in any way you want. There is the way the Sheriffs departments critics are choosing to take that quote or as many reasonable people would also read it, the Deputies are getting paid in the regular way they would if they worked any special assignment. I would assume that no matter what special assignment Deputies are given in the course of their duties the regular way they would be paid when they go over 40 hours would be by overtime or if appropriate compensation time.

    I certainly agree we have seen our share of poorly written newspaper articles. I know my grammar and writing leaves much to be desired at times. It just fascinates me how some are so critical of the sometimes poor local reporting when it criticizes them but are so willing to take one poorly worded snippet as the gospel to launch a huge taxpayer paid investigation over.

  19. AZ – you need an education in how things work. First of all trying to do something about what is going on in the Sheriff’s office is what REALLY GOT HIM FIRED. The ticket was bs. Something cops had done several times in that department without any problem (if you are”in crowd”). Keep your mouth shut if you want to keep your job is how business in done there.
    Parades?? As I told your before, Zane had to educate himself on what is allowed in campaigns. This stuff is not generally known, he learned all of this after he was terminated. He was is Whistleblower.
    Is ANYTHING getting through to you?????

  20. Mike Mahon plans to do a lot of things IF he gets elected. Maybe he can share with us some stories about some of the arrests he has made. (Not finding people that left the electronic monitoring program.) Lets hear about some of the murder cases or robbery cases he has worked on. How about a traffic stop. All that I hear about from the Mahon camp is what he is going to do if he gets elected and what everyone is doing wrong. I will be waiting for an answer. One other question for Mahon, What academy did you attend other than the Cook County Correctional Academy?

  21. Hey Bill what do you know about how electroic monitoring works, and how do you know he didn’t catch everyone HE was looking for? How many fugtive warrants did you serve, or how many doors did you go through to capture someone with a warrant on them? How about criminal investigations, how many of those have you done. How about supervising people in a high tension high risk job, you incharge of those kinds of situations? These questions aren’t because I know Mike these are the kinds of jobs he had. If you read his web site info ( you too Bill would the same information I have.
    Oh and by the way if you look into it a bit you will see that Cook County Correctional Officers go through 16 weeks of training. I know all this and don’t even work for the County. It’s amazing what information one can find if they take the time to find it

  22. Patrick, per the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board and the Cook County Correctional Academy, The Cook County Correctional Academy is only 10 weeks. I have read Mikes website and I know firsthand of his positions he has held with the Cook County Dept of Corrections. I also have first hand knowledge of investigations outside of a correctional setting. And I have supervised officers in a high profile high rigk setting All I am asking for is his credentials outside of a correctional setting.

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