The Pipelines in McHenry County

August 1, 2010, Chicago Tribune article. (Click to enlarge any image.)

When I read of the leaking pipeline in southwestern Michigan, it brought back the memory of the pipeline map that I got while fighting the Lakeland Pipeline with then State Rep. Ann Hughes and State Sen. Dick Klemm.

As the result of the pressure put on owner Enbridge, the new pipeline is probably as safe as one can get.

The old ones running through McHenry County.

Well, that remains to be seen.

Below is a map of the hazardous liquids crossing McHenry County. We’re talking propane, gasoline, oil.

This map shows the pipelines carrying hazardous liquids through McHenry County.

Chicago Tribune article of July 29, 2010.

If one with oil in it ruptures, you can figure out what stream, lake or river would look like the photo in the July 29th Chicago Tribune article above.

The map below shows the gas transmission lines.

Natural gas pipelines traversing McHenry County.

If ruptured with a spark nearby, they would go “Boom.”

Below you can see a map with both types of pipelines.

This shows all the pipelines running through McHenry County.

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