Joe Walsh Rolls Out Campaign Horse Trailer for Voters to Sign

Cherry Valley Road horse.

In what was probably the McHenry County Planning Department’s first brochure, McHenry County was reported to have almost as many horses as people. My memory (faulty as it can be) tells me that there were 60,000 horses and between 90,000 and 100,000 people.

The ratio has changed, of course, but the county has a vibrant history of horses.

The following press release from 8th Congressional District Republican Joe Walsh says he has decided to make the symbol of his campaign a horse trailer, the outside of which he will ask voters to sign.

Wherever the horse trailed goes, it will certainly turn heads.

Walsh Rounding Up a Posse to Take Our Country Back:  You In?

Seeking to corral runaway federal spending and pull in the reins on proposed tax increases, 8th District Republican Congressional Nominee Joe Walsh plans to spend the final 90 days of the campaign traveling the district with a wrapped horse trailer in tow asking families a simple question,

“Let’s take our country back, you in?”

Why the horse trailer?

A horse trailer that could become the symbol of the Joe Walsh for Congress campaign.

“First, the 8th district is home to many horse farms,” Walsh explained.

“There are horse farms throughout McHenry and Lake Counties from Richmond through Antioch over to Winthrop Harbor and down into Wauconda and Barrington Hills.  I’ve attended three in-district rodeos already this summer.  Even in the more densely populated northwest suburban Cook County portion of the district, we have many residents who are connected to the outdoors and live in the 8th district because of our proximity to open green space.”

“Second, horses, and correspondingly our horse trailer, are a symbol of freedom,”  Walsh continued. 

“And that’s really what this election boils down to.  Are we going to allow unchecked federal power to further constrict our cherished personal freedoms or are we going to restore a sense of balance to our citizenry and our government?”

To reinforce this message, the horse trailer has been wrapped from top to bottom and Walsh is asking residents to sign their names to the trailer saying,

“Yes, I’m in…I want my country back”

at each campaign stop.

“We will ride this horse trailer around the district every day for the rest of this campaign,” said Walsh. “We want every Republican, Independent, and Democrat in the 8th who’s concerned about the direction the country is heading to sign our horse trailer. I’m hoping we get thousands and thousands of signatures before Election Day.”

Walsh’s campaign will be scheduling horse trailer events and signature rallies across the district.  Residents are encouraged to check back to the website for the days, times and locations that the Walsh posse will be riding through their neck of the woods.


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