News from the Joe Walsh Campaign

Here’s the latest email from Melissa Bean’s challenger:

Urgent Call to Action!
Great News!

The Illinois Republican Party has selected the Walsh Campaign Team to be the newest site for VICTORY and SUPER SATURDAY.

The Victory program is the Illinois GOP statewide program to help Republican candidates get elected through an unprecedented Voter Identification Program (phone bank) and Get Out The Vote GOTV campaign.  This is the largest undertaking the Illinois GOP has ever launched, and the Walsh Campaign Team is now part of this dynamic and exciting program.

We would like to thank the Party Leaders for selecting the Walsh Campaign for this great opportunity.  This is a strong testament of the determination, strength and old fashioned hard work that YOU, our grassroots volunteers, have shown time and time again. Are we up for another challenge?  We can do this!

And There’s More!

We have also been added to the Super Saturday program for this Saturday August 7th!  Yes, this Saturday.  This is an excellent opportunity for our team to take on a tremendously important challenge.  We are gathering as many volunteers as possible to man the phones and make calls on behalf of Joe Walsh and the Republican Party this Saturday!!

Super Saturday @ Walsh Headquarters
Aug 7th 10 am – 7 pm
218 barron Blvd (Rte 83)
Grayslake, IL 60030

Joe Walsh expresses his enthusiasm to the McHenry Fiesta Days Parade crowd.


We are also pleased to announce our statewide recognition keeps on rolling right down to Springfield!  Joe Walsh and the entire Walsh Campaign Team have been invited to participate in the Illinois State Fair and Republican Day activities on August 19th.  Joe will be on stage with the entire Illinois Republican Slate and we want YOU to be there to cheer him on.   The Joe Walsh Campaign is sponsoring a motor coach bus to take our volunteers along to Springfield to celebrate.

Once again, the immediate CALL TO ACTION is this Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM, to make phone calls for Joe Walsh.

We understand this is short notice, but every once in a while an opportunity comes out of no where and provides a significant challenge.  But as we know, with great challenge comes great reward.  When we pull this off, we will have solidified our position on the statewide GOP stage and we will be well positioned to charge head first into the last three months of this campaign right down to victory on November 2nd!!

Joe is absolutely pumped-up about this opportunity and he’s ready to lead the charge.  He knows we can pull this off and is incredibly appreciative of all your hard work that got us to this point and to this opportunity.

Please take a moment now to email or call Marianne Bailey to reserve your time slot in the Joe Walsh Victory Center in Grayslake this Saturday or all next week.

Please Call and volunteer:

Marianne Bailey
Volunteer Coordinator
Walsh for Congress Committee, Inc.


News from the Joe Walsh Campaign — 3 Comments

  1. Any day the Party isn’t calling on Walsh to step down is a little victory of sorts. Good for him.

  2. Haha, I love that picture. Not sure that’s enthusiasm though – I think Joe is running from a swarm of bees…or he’s trying to convince people that he can get more than 5% of the vote….

  3. I have one question why didn’t he run for office where he use to live? Why did he have to go somewhere that no one knows his name to run for office, what is he trying to hide? It sounds like he is a party guy that goes where the party asks him to go. Not someone the people want. He’s a political plant.

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