Final Words from Linda Moore’s Attorney – Part 3

Linda Moore

“Maintaining the status quo” is the next topic Linda Moore Attorney John Nelson addresses.

“As long as there have been townships…the supervisor has been in charge,” he writes.

Citing several statutes, Nelson says,

“These laws presupposed that the supervisor is the boss and in control of what is necessary for her to perform her statutory duties. The defendants seek to unlawfully divest Supervisor Moore of this control.”

“…the board has no implied or additional authority other than that specifically given to it by statute,” the brief continues.

Speaking to who makes what rules, Nelson writes, first quoting from the statute books,

“The township board may adopt rules not inconsistent with this code to govern its meetings. The rules may provide for excused absences of the supervisor or trustees from township board meetings.”

He then concludes,

“Thus, any rules must not be on (in?) conflict with the supervisor’s duties.”

While admitting the “township board is obligated to review the financial accounts,” Nelson asserts,

“They are given no administrative authority.”

So, Moore “urges the court to issue an injunction that limits the defendants’ wrongful attempts to usurp the lawful executive duties of the supervisor of the township.”

More tomorrow.

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