Still Time to See the McHenry County Fair

This morning looked like a washout for the McHenry County Fair, but it certainly has turned into a beautiful day.

So, if you haven’t taken your kids to see the animals, how about it driving to Woodstock?

The Wilke Boys raised these cattle, the sign says, on Holiday Farm.

You don’t have to look hard to see cattle.

A little one was bold with some pigs.

Some pigs might touch their noses to small fingers.

This lamb seemed used to human touch.

Petting lambs doesn’t require a petting zoo.

They call them "milk cows" for a reason.

Get there at the right time and you might see a Holstein getting milked.

"You looking at me?"

Turkeys were at the outside of the poultry tent.

This is the fuzziest chicken I have ever seen.

And, there was chicken that was so fuzzy that only its beak was visible.

Keely might win the "Fuzziest Cat" award at the County Fair, if there were one.

It reminded me of our cat Keely.

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