The Mike Mahon Press Release on His DUI

Our family was out of town when the Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Sheriff released the following press release. I was so overwhelmed with emails upon returning, I let it slide.

This is the second shot I took of the verbal altercation bewteen Sheriff Kieth Nygren supporter Brent Smith and Democratic Party candidate for Sheriff Mike Mahon. Independent judicial candidate Sally Wiggins, in red top and jeans, was a bystander.

With Nunda Township Republican Central Committee Chairman Brent Smith making it clear at the County Fair that incumbent Republican Keith Nygren will make the arrest an issue in the fall campaign, I thought it would be a good idea to share that long-ago press release with readers of McHenry County Blog.

Thanks to Green Party candidate for Sheriff Gus Philpott, who writes “Woodstock Advocate,” for allowing me to copy his post.

Here is the press release:

During a McHenry Marlin's swim meet, the McHenry Business Expo was taking place next door in the gym. I found Mike Mahon gretting voters at his booth down from the Sheriff's Department booth, which was manned by a uniformed deputy.

“On my own initiative and under no requirement to do so, but in the interest of full disclosure to the voters of McHenry County, I am disclosing an 18-year-old incident with a timely lesson as the holiday season approaches.

“In December of 1991 I was charged with driving under the influence in Cook County. At the time of the incident, I was in my personal vehicle and off duty. There was no one with me in the car, no collision and no one was injured in any manner. No breathalyzer was deployed.

“I pleaded ‘no contest’ to the charge and was sentenced to six months of a suspended license. I maintained my employment with Cook County throughout.

“This incident changed my life for the better. Assisted by family and friends, I came to the conclusion that my life would be greatly improved if I stopped drinking alcohol, and did so. I have maintained that abstinence ever since and have assisted others in finding help for similar problems.

“Especially at this time of year, with its many holiday parties and get-togethers, it’s important for all of us to be aware of the temptation to drink and drive both in ourselves and our friends and family.

“Thank you and let’s all have a safe and happy holiday season.”


The Mike Mahon Press Release on His DUI — 12 Comments

  1. There are several things we can learn from this.

    First: When someone makes a mistake they can run and hide call for lawyers,guns and money and help get them out of trouble. Or they can face what happened and change their life and help others to do the same. Mike changed his life and has helped other to do the same.

    Second once some one has made amends for their mistakes don’t they deserve to be recognized as a change person and not be constantly draped down for their mistake.
    Third how many of you have driven under the influence and not been caught. Does that mean you can keep going until you do get caught? Or should you change your ways and stop before something bad happens.

    I have met many people who have stopped consuming alcohol and their willingness to help others is immeasurable and their tolerance of others who continue their drunkin ways especially driving under the influence is almost non existent.

    So let’s be gratefully there are people like Mike in this world who stand up to their mistakes, change their ways and then have the willingness to help others do the same.

  2. There is pictures of this guy drinking at his political fundraiser on this blog. So he’s a drunk and a liar!

  3. No picture exists. Why because Mahon was not drinking at his fundraiser or anywhere else. Nice try Nygren’s Guy. But your mud slinging is once again wrong.

  4. I agree with Patrick-I don’t support Mike, but I agree that a 19 year old offense has been properly taken of, and people should move on, now that it’s out in the open.

  5. Wow, i am really disappointed in Gus. I thought he was one to focus on facts rather than unfounded finger pointing. Mahon was never photographed with a beer. He was photographed drinking ice water. Look at the picture. You can see that the cup’s contents are clear. It is obviously not a beer. Even common sense says you are grasping at straws. The cup did have an beer logo on it, but it was the stock cup which is given to everyone. So everyone was drinking the exact same drink? Pretty cool place that has cups which identify each drink ordered? No. They were simply drinking out of the cup provided. I don’t drink beer either, so I guess I should have rejected the cup and requested another container? Get real.

    Mahon should be pretty honored. They cannot cup with any real complaints about him, so they are making them up. Way to go Mike!

    As for the DUI. It was almost 20 years ago, when he was young and foolish. He learned from his mistake, and is a better person because of it. He is hardly the only one to make a choice that they later regretted.

  6. Several thoughts here. First, it does not appear Mahon is drinking beer in the picture. It appears most likely whomever supplied the disposable cups for Mahon’s fundraiser got them from Miller Lite or one of their distributors. Perhaps whomever took that donation or made that purchase can confirm but if he says he was drinking water out of the Miller Lite cup I certainly would give him the benefit of doubt and believe him.

    As for the Mahon supporter blaming Gus Philpott for that mistake I believe you are mistaken. Looks pretty obvious it was someone referring to Gus and not Gus who made that apparent mistake. The Mahon supporters mistake is in the unfounded finger pointing at Gus will probably feel as bad as the apparent Nygren supporter who may have made the beer cup mistake.

    As for the DUI, in my book it’s a concern but time has passed and their does not seem to be any evidence of a pattern or any reason to doubt Mahon’s life change in his use of alcohol or in driving while under the influence.

    However, many in our community have lost friends, family and loved ones to Drunk Drivers. To them this “lone” occurrence is enough to disqualify one for the counties top law enforcement position and I think it it the height of arrogance to dismiss that some may legitimately feel this way.

  7. I agree with almost everything “Are You Kidding” says. I disagree with the statement lone occurence being enough to disqualify him. But surely you are entitled to your opinion, and if you think one mistake knocks you out of the box then don’t vote for him.
    Bill Clinton smoked dope, George Bush drank heavily, and did drugs and Barack did cocaine all of these are illegal and many people have seen family and friends destroyed by drugs and alcohol. Yet in each instance most of America (except in2000) forgave, and looked at the bigger picture of what these men could do for the country.

    Because I have known many people who have stopped their consumption of alcohol or stopped using drugs, I can tell you that their tolerance for those who continue to abuse drugs and alcohol is nonexistent.

    And their compassion for those who have lost loved ones from the effects of these devastating additions is great. I don’t believe anyone “dismisses” that others feel the way you do “Are You Kidding” but they cannot change the past, they can only use it to try and make it a better future.

    Mike has great plans to help the McHenry County community be its best; he love’s that county that’s why he has lived there for 14 years. That’s why he chooses to raise his children there. He has better ways to service the people of McHenry County and he certainly doesn’t act or believed he’s entitled to be Sheriff.
    So if you can’t look beyond his mistake and see what he does have to offer than don’t. But please don’t criticize those who can see the good he will bring to the McHenry County Sheriff’s office.

  8. My apologies to Gus. I misread the signature, and believed it was written by him rather than a supporter. As I said, it did seem out of touch with his normal behavior. Gus is normally focused on facts, and I should have read the poster’s name more carefully.

    Sorry, Gus. Keep up the good work!

  9. I hope Mike has learned not to drink to excess and place himself and the rest of the people on the road in danger. Please understand that I do not condone drunk driving, but understand this. Per the Illinois Vehicle Code, it is NOT against the law for an adult to have been drinking and then drives. It IS against the law to have been drinking any amount of alcohol to the extent that it so impares the ability to act and impares ability to think and manuver. Obviously, driving over the legal limit, currently .08%, is against the law, but that is another statute (11-501.1a1). So, an above statement that having had a few drinks and then driving is illegal is wrong. It is a fine line, but there IS a line. If you get a chance to read the IVC statute for DUI (11-501.1a2), note the words used, and their placement in the sentances. In the law, every word has a meaning, and the law is based on those words. As I said before, Mike’s problem was almost 20 years ago, he’s properly taken care of it, and it is now public knowledge. I’m not backing him, but wish him luck. If this is still a problem for some, maybe they can check their own closet; if it’s bare, maybe they can run for something. Mine sure isn’t, and I’m not running for anything.

  10. Patrick, sorry if I left it unclear while writing. My intent was to say in my opinion I don’t feel that one instance and any issues with alcohol before that apparent wake up call would disqualify him. I respect that he identified an issue and corrected it in his own life, I certainly have a few learning experiences in my past as I expect we all do. Just that I am unwilling to doubt the legitimacy of the feelings from those that feel a driving while drunk and a suspended license would disqualify him from a law enforcement supervisory role.

    Hey I’m glad to hear Democrats speaking this way in general…it wasn’t that long ago I couldn’t find a single one to take this exact stance in regard to George Bush’s similar experience.

  11. I stand corrected. I looked at the picture again and I can’t say for sure it’s a form of alcohol. Sorry for jumpin the gun on that one.

  12. Sarah Hart, thank you for correcting your comment. I appreciate that.

    Mike Mahon is a worthy opponent. He and I share many ideas for correcting and improving operations at the sheriff’s dept.

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