Isaac Hayes Calls Out Jesse, Junior

Isaac Hayes

In any fair world, Isaac Hayes, the Republican opponent to Congressman Jesse Jackson, Junior, would be getting some attention.

The South Side Republican gave a rousing speech to those on the Family PAC cruise on a completely delightful summer evening on Lake Michigan Tuesday night.

“Senator Number Five,”

was the way Hayes referred to the man whose father was called “Jesse James” by an afternoon female WBBM Radio news reader last week before the CBS News at the top of the hour as he was calling for Mayor Richard Daley to create 1,000 new policeman out of an empty budget.

Regardless of his ability to give a speech that stirred Republicans on the boat, Hayes’ election effort is being ignored by the great “mentioners” in Chicago’s media.

Even though Rod Blagojevich’s brother Rob is wishing out loud that Jesse Jackson, Jr., had been forced to answer questions on the witness stand.

The diminished reputation of Jesse Jackson, Junior, is reflect in the small head shot near the bottom of the Chicago Sun-Times article

Even though everyone thinks Jesse, Junior, is dead politically.

Except in his own congressional district, where, apparently, the mainly white “mentioners” don’t think he will have any problem whatsoever getting re-elected.

If a suburban Republican had had as much evidence of wrong-doing revealed as Jesse, Junior, he or she would be being attacked daily by the Chicago media.

Or even less.

Wait, that’s what’s happening this year to Mark Kirk.

Coverage has strayed so far from the issues that Kirk has being attacked for not remembering what happened when he was in a sail boat accident at age 16.

With the allegation that Jesse, Junior’s Indian-American supporters were talking about buying the Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate seat for their man, wouldn’t you think reporters would be looking closely at other campaign contributions and how they relate legislative actions?

But Chicago reporters don’t do that to liberal Democrats, do they?

They have barely touched the surface with 8th District Democrat Melissa Bean, for instance.

Where’s the call she give back the money that she took from ethics-challenged Charlie Rangel?

Have I missed it by not reading the editorials of the Daily and Northwest Heralds unless someone cuts and pastes them into an email they send to me?

Somehow, I doubt it.

Thanks for showing the Republican flag, Isaac Hayes.


Isaac Hayes Calls Out Jesse, Junior — 4 Comments

  1. I never noticed Cal, but you’re right– I NEVER see anything negative about Democrats! Great reporting!

  2. Perhpas you didn’t read what I have written about Republicans who raised the RTA Sales Tax and the Crystal Lake Sales Tax.

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