Local Party Expenditures Analyzed

Sunday, I posted a revealing article that originated with the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce’s Director of Advocacy, Don Gray.

He spent a lot of time categorizing expenditures for the power parties in the twenty largest counties. You can see bigger graphs here or just click to enlarge.

Gray was kind enough to send me the breakdowns for the McHenry County Republican and Democratic Parties.
On the Republican side, the local party is ranked 10th in expenditures of the top 20 most populous counties:

  • Campaign Expenditures: 22,359.66
  • Overhead Expenditures: 32,538.90
  • Total Spent: 54,898.56
  • % spent on campaign resources: 41%

Here are the figures for the McHenry Dems, who are ranked 6th in local party expenditures among the top 20 most populous counties:

  • Campaign Expenditures: 22,444.45
  • Overhead Expenditures: 14,568.29
  • Total Spent: 37,012.74
  • % spent on campaign resources: 61%

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