Schillerstrom Pulls Self Out of Consideration for RTA Board Chairman

The man more responsible than anyone else for the Regional Transportation Authority’s tripling of the RTA Sales Tax in McHenry and other collar counties has decided he doesn’t want to be RTA Chairman anyway.

He told the Chicago Sun-Times that he had to serve out his term as DuPage County Board Chairman.

This same DuPage County Board Chairman is the one who convinced enough DuPage County state senators to vote for the huge RTA Sales Tax hike to pass the bill.

He did it because the use of the proceeds of a quarter of a percentage point of the tax bu collar county boards was broadened from transportation to transportation and law enforcement. At the time, DuPage County had a referendum on the ballot to raise the local sales tax to pay for the Sheriff’s and State’s Attorney’s Office (read Joe Birkett, just in case you have forgotten).

Fat chance the voters would have approved that proposal at the ballot box.

GOP candidate for Governor Bill Brady converses with his former gubernatorial opponent Kirk Dillard on the Family PAC cruise last night. Dillard introduced Brady to the crowd.

The vote cast by State Senator Kirk Dillard, among others, may well have cost him the nomination for governor, which was won by State Senator Bill Brady.  Brady got 155,527 votes to Dillard’s 155,334, a victory margin of 193 votes.  Schillerstrom receiver 7,420.

So, what would have happened if tax hiker Bob Schillerstrom, who also ran for governor, but as the most liberal Republican candidate, bombed, pulling out before the election, but not soon enough to get his name off the ballot (another reason one could attribute to Dillard’s slim loss)?

Any suburbanite who voted for him would have been open to rather severe criticism.

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CTA third rail warning.

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