The beginning of a four-minute story about State Rep. Jack Franks' bill.

State Rep. Jack Franks does work for at least one bank group.

The group is foreclosing on homes.

That, of course, injures credit ratings.

He is also sponsor of a bill just signed by Governor Pat Quinn which prohibits employers from checking credit ratings of applicants to lots of jobs.

On July 29th, there apparently were "ADDITION COVERAGE" available on the Fox News web site.

Now the "additional comments" are missing.

He got the story on Fox News in Chicago on July 29th.

The Chicago Tribune on Wednesday trashed the idea:

Chicago Tribune editorial criticizing Jack Franks' bill, but not mentioning his name.

“As if there weren’t enough reason for employers to avoid hiring in Illinois, Gov. Pat Quinn on Tuesday providing another…

“In practice, the new law will introduce a batch of red tape. It won’t create a single new job. It will simply curb the discretion of an employer who might prefer to hire someone who has paid his bills over someone who hasn’t…

“Illinois, with 10.4 percent unemployed, is sending one more signal that it doesn’t trust the people who put people to work.”

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