John O’Neill Beans & Franks Fundraiser Tonight

I’ve seem envelope parties in Springfield, where to attract a wide array of contributors a price is not set.

It was an established tradition when I worked on Denny Kelley’s disastrous mayoral campaign in 1971.

Tonight a variation on that theme is occurring in Spring Grove.

“Contributions will be accepted” is the price tag, set, I gather, to encourage all supporters to attend.

The fundraiser could work well. Beans and hot dogs can’t cost that much and the idea of holding a fund raiser is to maximize net proceeds. Using his opponents’ last name is also humorous.

I figure no one will find the place without a map, so here’s one. The address, 109 Hawthorn Lane, Spring Grove, is south of Route 12, east of Route 31 and west of Johnsburg-Wilmott Road.

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